About Us

Team Shmo originally started making Gran Turismo 5 tunes because I had every car in the game and there was really nothing left to do. I would usually take other people’s tunes and edit them for certain tracks. Eventually, I started to really get the hang of what parts affect certain car characteristics and tuning in general. I then got into making GT5 drift tunes and have become quite the expert in that area. More recently I have been making drag and rally tunes as well as specialized track tunes. Everyone has been really nice and grateful for the tunes, which is why I currently make GT Sport, and previously GT6 tunes, and plan on making more for future games.

My tuning has grown quite a bit and we now have well over 500+ tunes for all sorts of different styles for GT Sport, GT6, and GT5. In order to keep up the quality and demand I now accept tunes for other people. I test all the tunes posted to make sure they are on Team Shmo quality, however. You may see their names listed as the person who posted a tune, but trust me, they are just as good if not better than my personal tunes. If you want to be a part of the Team Shmo team feel free to e-mail shmogt@gmail.com or ask on Team Shmo Facebook and I will personally test out your tune to see if it makes the cut. Sometimes I will edit it a little bit and post it, or it will be fine and will be directly uploaded.

The main owner is Shmogt. That is the name “posted by” name on the tunes and my PSN name (friend list might be full). Anyone claiming to be the owner other than Shmogt is a fake.

Finally, thank you to anyone who uses this site and enjoys using the tunes as much as I do!

Any comments, concerns, feedback, etc please ask it on Team Shmo Facebook. I will also be listing all the latest tunes on there as well as doing free give a ways from time to time.


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  3. Twitter


  1. You can ask for anything you want, but I’m only going to do it if I own the car already, or think it will make a good tune. However, the request may still get done just the time it takes will be much longer.
  2. Only exceptions to rule 1 is if you want a track specific tune, or a certain pp, or tire choice, etc. This makes it more unique and different from anything else on the internet.
  3. I prefer if you ask through facebook since people can like your request which will also show me people want it.