Gran Turismo F1500T-A

Boy oh boy what a toy this is!

It is by far my favorite car in the game! Ladies and gentlemen, It is my pleasure to present to you, The F1500T-A.

Track: Suzuka Circuit
Time: 1:36.976
Tires: Racing Soft
Upgrades: 100/100

Suzuka is a track I know quite well, there is a certain rhythm that a driver needs to maintain… its not about how fast you can go, but how high you can keep your slowest speed up. 1 mph faster/slower can make a big difference especially through the rhythm sections!

In Suzuka, the key to the “Esses” is the first corner… if you mess that up, you’ve already messed up the entire section!

The F1500T-A is tuned specifically to dive into turn one. Brakes are really good too! The braking point is the green astroturf on the inside of the corner, just right before the rumble strips.

This car has a large turbo so of course you’ll experience turbo lag. But there is a trick to getting a turbo to spool just enough to eliminate the sudden burst of power at full boost!

1. Do not floor the throttle… apply just enough throttle to spool the turbo without spinning the wheels, this takes practice, you’ll really need to get well acquainted with the car.
2. Senna’s famous throttle technique.

If the Esses have been mastered, the rest of the track will be a breeze!

I recommend driving this in helmet cam!

This car uses a full manual transmission so if you’re using a paddle shifter, you must lift off the throttle when shifting while cornering. If not, you will experience what is called a “Shift-Lock”

Instead of applying a generous amount of THROTTLE to allow the gears to engage smoothly, you will engage the gears at FULL THROTTLE! On top of the Turbo! 😅

Enjoy her everyone! Have a good drive!

Once again, this is Mike Pible signing off from Gran Turismo Sport: Tuning & Competitions signing off!
PSN: Capt_Awesome13

Car Gran Turismo F1500T-A
Drivetrain MR
Horsepower 986
Torque 485.8 lb-ft
Weight 539 kg / 1190 lbs


Power Ratio % 100
Weight Reduction Ratio % 100
Traction Control 0


Front Rear Racing Soft Racing Soft

Brake Balance

Balance Front/Rear -1


Ride Height 1.89in/48mm 2.09in/53mm
Natural Frequency (Hz) 5.29 5.32
Anti-Roll Bars 9 8
Damping Compression (%) 56 58
Damping Rebound (%) 87 88
Negative Camber 2.5 1.8
Toe Angle Out 0.45 In 0.45


Downforce Level 1130 1555


Initial xx 32
Accel xx 33
Braking xx 24
Torque Split xx xx


Final Gear: 3.250
Auto-Set: 236mph
6th Gear: 1.279/223
New Final Gear: 3.047 (6th now reads 238)
Copy the rest of the gears

1st 3.374 / 86
2nd 2.303 / 126
3rd 1.776 / 164
4th 1.473 / 198
5th 1.279 / 238
6th xx
Final 3.047
Top Speed (Auto Set) 236 mph (380 kmph)