Honda Civic Type R ’15

7:43.8 around the Nurburgring Nordschleife is a time only certain race cars can achieve… who would have thought, that this certain race car… was a Honda!?

Track: Willow Springs International Circuit – Streets of Willow
Time: 1:11.1
Tires: Racing Softs
Power: 136/87

Dave Fisher was the man to break 1:11.1’s but with my tune! This just comes to show the promise behind our tunes!

Now I know the track selection is not Nordschleife … but the idea behind our track selection was to see if the Civic can do more than just Nordschleife!

The winding corners of Streets of Willow really shined on the suspension telemetry of the car! As long as your input is not too aggressive, she’ll behave really well! Very stable on directional changes!

At full power, the front wheels will slip so mind your throttle control to ensure max grip on exits!

The trick to tuning FF cars is in the Weight Shift. Having the center dead weight of the car shift more towards the rear end, will influence the rear to want to swing out.

Stiffening the Rear Anti-Roll Bar and adjusting Rear Camber according to the track will help prevent the rear tires from sliding.

Even though the rear has a tendency to want to slide out, the rear tires are there to catch the weight shift!

What a joy it was tuning this! Enjoy the drive everyone!

Once again, this is Mike Pible signing off from Gran Turismo Sport: Tuning & Competitions signing off!
PSN: Capt_Awesome13

Car Honda Civic Type R ’15
Drivetrain FF
Horsepower 416
Torque 401.3 lb-ft
Weight 1200 kg / 2646 lbs


Power Ratio % 136
Weight Reduction Ratio % 87
Traction Control 0


Front Rear Racing Soft Racing Soft

Brake Balance

Balance Front/Rear 2


Ride Height 3.82in/97mm 4.45in/113mm
Natural Frequency (Hz) 1.97 2.03
Anti-Roll Bars 7 10
Damping Compression (%) 62 66
Damping Rebound (%) 93 95
Negative Camber 2.7 2.6
Toe Angle Out 0.05 In 0.08


Downforce Level 0 0


Initial 30 xx
Accel 35 xx
Braking 15 xx
Torque Split xx xx


Final Gear: 3.500
Auto-Set: 137mph
6th Gear: 1.178/138
New Final Gear: 3.305 (6th now reads 145)
Copy the rest of the gears

1st 3.205 / 50
2nd 2.302 / 70
3rd 1.818/ 88
4th 1.511 / 106
5th 1.310 / 122
6th 1.178 / 145
Final 3.305
Top Speed (Auto Set) 137 mph (220 kmph)