Plymouth Superbird ’70

What an awesome looking car! The size of that spoiler is epic! You pull up to any car and the other guy is gonna be questioning his ride without you even doing a thing. Total opposite of a sleeper car. Luckily we got a tune to back up it’s crazy looks. It’s for 1/4 mile so start in 2 if you are not using nos and it can do about an even 10 seconds. However start in 3 with nos shifting at 90 to do in mid 9’s. Redline all the other gears either way.

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Car Plymouth Superbird ’70
Drivetrain FR
Horsepower 834HP/5500rpm
Torque 841.8 ft-lb/5000rpm
Weight 1301 kg
Miles 1.7
Performance Points 585


I’m using all parts with racing soft tires and nos.


Nos 50
Downforce 0/0
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st 4.139
2nd 2,813
3rd 1.977
4th 1.479
5th 1.169
Final 2.777
Top Speed 137mph (220kmph)


Initial xx 60
Accel xx 60
Braking xx 5


Ride Height 90 185
Spring Rate 15 5.50
Compression 10 1
Extension 10 1
Anti-Roll 6 6
Camber 0 0
Toe -0.03 0.03


Brake Balance 5 5
  • Drifter

    Could you put price for total tunes on your new posts?

    • Whatever the car price is plus 200k. If its a exotic car its gonna be a lot and if it’s a normal car it will be cheap. That’s how I guess price when people send me tunes to try.

  • Eirik Michael Larsen

    Hey man, sick tune but i have a problem where i always spin out with it, anything i should do to try to fix it?

    • Less gas if you are slipping. If you hold it you’ll just spin out

  • Juan

    I can’t put the front ride height to 90 how did you do that? Lowest I can go is 105


    Hello , this could be an setup for the Superbird race/Nurburgring ? 😀

    • Thus is just for drag.