Ferrari FXX ’07

The Ferrari FXX is based on the Ferrari Enzo which was already crazy fast, but tuned to be even faster. It is basically a full on race car. This is like some other Ferrari cars where you buy it, but literally can never use it unless Ferrari allows you. I have no idea why they don’t let you, but it’s still a crazy awesome car. I have taken this and tuned it even further to be an absolute mind blowing beast. It is currently my fastest car which blew even me away. I never thought anything would beat my Pagani Huayra around the track, but this has done it. Not even the McLaren F1 could not do that and that has one of the fastest top speeds and accelerations ever. Do be warned this car is not for any normal driver. It is a race car that will send you into the wall any chance it gets. After driving it a while now I don’t find it that difficult to control, but you have to be very careful with the gas and breaks. ALWAYS gently squeeze on the breaks when going into a turn and squeeze on the gas when exiting. If you just slam your foot down your times will be much slower. I added NOS to mine just to make it as fast as possible, but trust me it doesn’t need it. Another tip is give it a few laps. It takes a few to understand how much gas to give and where to totally let off in order to get the fastest times. Too much and it oversteers and too little and it understeers. The craziest thing is it has more HP than weight. Also just have to add who doesn’t love the rear tail lights? They took where the normal Enzo has tail lights and replaced them with exhaust tips. How cool is that!

A lot of people have asked me who is faster the Ferrari FXX or the Pagani Zonda R? Both track cars, both huge HP, both Italian. Well I have tested them against each other in a time trial race! Did the car you think win?

I attached the Top Gear video of The Stig driving one around the track which turned out to be an epic lap. I love the all black too. It looks just like something Batman would drive.

Car Ferrari FXX ’07
Drivetrain MR
Horsepower 1138 HP/10,000 rpm
Torque 657 ft-lb/7000 rpm
Weight 1064kg
Miles  30.6
Performance Points  673


Best of all parts with racing breaks. I’m using racing soft tires. Optional nos


NOS 50%
Downforce 150/200
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st  3.796
2nd  2.366
3rd  1.639
4th  1.210
5th  0.939
6th  0.752
Final  4.385
Top Speed 286 mph (460 kmph)


Initial xx  10
Accel xx  8
Braking xx  25


Ride Height  73 90
Spring Rate  7.77 12.90
Compression  7 6
Extension  4 3
Anti-Roll  3 2
Camber  1 1.2
Toe  -0.20 0.45


Brake Balance 2 2
  • SgtStig

    It may be as fast as the Huayra, but what about the Zonda R? That car is obscenely fast around any track. Also not for wimps

    • I don’t own it yet to try. So far this car is my fastest. It actually smoked all the others by multiple seconds. I’m going to try the Zonda out and hopefully it can give this some real competition.

      • SgtStig

        The Zonda generates very similar figures. It’s only downfall is that it creates too much downforce and this has lower top speeds than the FXXK. However, it is easier to keep on the track. After all it has the same engine as the Huayra…

        • I’m sure it’s gonna be amazing, but will be very impressed if it beats this car. It is newer however so I think it has a great shot.

          • SgtStig

            I know your FXX tune would beat my Zonda so I guess you will have to make one, otherwise it would be David vs Goliath, haha. Thanks for tuning the Fezza!

          • Lol seems like the only option.

  • Dark Blue

    i just brought this car from the money i got in the rallys and i love it to bits.

    • Same, it is pretty epic in every way

      • Dark Blue

        what driving settings do you use when you drive it?

        • Check the Team Shmo FAQ guide for all the basics of how I set up things and drive

  • JigillyJoes1 .

    get the b spec driver to drive it

    • Probably will be funny lol

      • Matthew Good

        Lmao xD

  • Boop de Boop

    This tune also works extremely well on the Enzo itself, very tame fully upgraded, and glides and hugs corners with ease. Incredibly stable through turns too.

    • Nice, I’ll have to try it myself. Always have trouble tuning the enzo.

  • scottiedogg

    Hi Shmo, long-time lurker and I want to thank you for your work on the site through the years. I cannot tell you how much your tunes have helped me. I’ve wanted to ask, when you say the FXX is your fastest car, is that all-inclusive (i.e. including Le Mans cars)? You have some beastly setups for the Puegeot 908 and Sauber C9, and if you can pull faster times on the FXX that is impressive indeed. I’ve barely cracked the surface with the FXX, and I’m curious as to how far it can truly go. Thanks!

    • When I say fastest car I mean regular car. I haven’t directly put it up against the race cars you listed, but I would assume they would easily beat it since they are race cars lol. However, the FXX is an insane monster once you fully get the hang of it. Still one of my favourite cars to drive to this day.

      • scottiedogg

        That’s what I figured, but I was reading a forum post where an FXX beat a Sauber C9 on the Nordschleife so I wasn’t so sure. Thanks!

        • That would be awesome if it could beat it and it might be able to, but I personally haven’t ever tried. Race cars have so much downforce they usually easily win. That particular race car is also one of the better ones in the game, but it’s possible a FXX beat it there. I would assume it was a bad driver and not the car losing tho.

  • Matthew Good

    “It is a race car that will send you into the wall any chance it gets” OMG LMFAO

    • Lol it’s true, have to watch everything.

  • Matthew Good

    Can it beat a formula Gran Turismo? Lol

  • Matthew Good

    Is this both race and drag? Is there a drag tune of this?

  • Matthew Good

    And with transmition, if u remove all power parts to reduce it is pp will that affect the transmission? Or will u have to set the transmission again even after u reapply all power parts

    • If you set everything first than it won’t matter about taking parts off later.

  • Matthew Good

    Trying this tune in season event mazda seca raceway
    fastest lap 1:33 McLaren MP4-12C

  • Matthew Good

    OMG THIS SHOULD BE TURNED INTO A DRIFTER! It already starts to drift with its current setup but only just

    • lol would be a crazy one

  • Matthew Good

    New Fastest Lap 1:30:460 Ferrari FXX ’07

  • Matthew Good

    Holy fk the handling is really bad at high speeds

  • Danny Moore

    recommended driving option settings ? Having ALL kinds of trouble with this car.

    • I only use abs 1. It’s not the easiest car in the world as it has so much power. Really have to practise where to brake and how much gas out the corners.

  • Anxotroller

    This is too fast for me, I am able to control it lol

    • Lol ya, it’s pretty quick