Ferrari FXX ’07

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The Ferrari FXX is based on the Ferrari Enzo which was already crazy fast, but tuned to be even faster. It is basically a full on race car. This is like some other Ferrari cars where you buy it, but literally can never use it unless Ferrari allows you. I have no idea why they don’t let you, but it’s still a crazy awesome car. I have taken this and tuned it even further to be an absolute mind blowing beast. It is currently my fastest car which blew even me away. I never thought anything would beat my Pagani Huayra around the track, but this has done it. Not even the McLaren F1 could not do that and that has one of the fastest top speeds and accelerations ever. Do be warned this car is not for any normal driver. It is a race car that will send you into the wall any chance it gets. After driving it a while now I don’t find it that difficult to control, but you have to be very careful with the gas and breaks. ALWAYS gently squeeze on the breaks when going into a turn and squeeze on the gas when exiting. If you just slam your foot down your times will be much slower. I added NOS to mine just to make it as fast as possible, but trust me it doesn’t need it. Another tip is give it a few laps. It takes a few to understand how much gas to give and where to totally let off in order to get the fastest times. Too much and it oversteers and too little and it understeers. The craziest thing is it has more HP than weight. Also just have to add who doesn’t love the rear tail lights? They took where the normal Enzo has tail lights and replaced them with exhaust tips. How cool is that!

A lot of people have asked me who is faster the Ferrari FXX or the Pagani Zonda R? Both track cars, both huge HP, both Italian. Well I have tested them against each other in a time trial race! Did the car you think win?

I attached the Top Gear video of The Stig driving one around the track which turned out to be an epic lap. I love the all black too. It looks just like something Batman would drive.

Car Ferrari FXX ’07
Drivetrain MR
Horsepower 1138 HP/10,000 rpm
Torque 657 ft-lb/7000 rpm
Weight 1064kg
Miles  30.6
Performance Points  673


Best of all parts with racing breaks. I’m using racing soft tires. Optional nos


NOS 50%
Downforce 150/200
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st  3.796
2nd  2.366
3rd  1.639
4th  1.210
5th  0.939
6th  0.752
Final  4.385
Top Speed 286 mph (460 kmph)


Initial xx  10
Accel xx  8
Braking xx  25


Ride Height  73 90
Spring Rate  7.77 12.90
Compression  7 6
Extension  4 3
Anti-Roll  3 2
Camber  1 1.2
Toe  -0.20 0.45


Brake Balance 2 2