Light Car Company Rocket ’07

I have used this car before, but not for any real racing. It is a super tiny car that weights nothing and is a ton of fun. I decided to play a seasonal event that just happen to feature one of these cars. The requirements were that it had to be from the UK, weigh less than 1200kg, and be a max of 550pp. At first, I used a different car that did well, but I noticed that the AI driving this car destroyed everyone. I quickly got this car and decided to tune it, so I could beat the event. Originally, I had a basic tune already on it, but didn’t come close to winning on my first try. I tuned a little more, but still could not win. The best I came was 2nd, and over a full second behind. It seemed just too difficult to beat this little Rocket since I was so far back in the pack. It started near the front and had a much easier time holding the lead. However, I tried to tune it more until I could finally at least see it while in second place. I gave it a few more laps, but just couldn’t pass it. Although I was getting closer it always felt that this car just lacked the power needed to pass. Finally, I decided to change my LSD settings to hopefully make it accelerate quicker, while maintaining a proper ratio for speed. After many laps I am happy to say I beat the AI Rocket only this time beating him by a full second. It was a very hard race, but this is my exact tune I used to win. It is a pretty good 550pp car for other events as well.

Car Light Car Company Rocket ’07
Drivetrain MR
Horsepower 174HP/11500rpm
Torque 91.3 ft-lb/9000rpm
Weight  425kg
Miles 75.7
Performance Points 550


All parts, but NO power parts. I am using sports hard tires or better.


Downforce 0/0
Weight Balance 35/-50
Power Limiter 100%


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st 3.322
2nd 2.273
3rd 1.697
4th 1.320
5th 1.065
Final 5.180
Top Speed 130mph (209kmph)


Initial xx 15
Accel xx 46
Braking xx 54


Ride Height 80 80
Spring Rate 3.85 4.70
Compression 4 4
Extension 5 5
Anti-Roll 3 3
Camber 0 0
Toe -0.10 0.20


Brake Balance 1 1