Ford Shelby GT500 ’13

Already have an awesome drift version of this car, but it wouldn’t be right without a full on race tune. I’m going to tell you some numbers and you tell me if you think it’s going to be fast. Over 1000hp, almost 1000ft-lb of torque, and is a Shelby. If you couldn’t figure it out by now, it is very fast. The car does weigh a lot, but it has the power to back it up. Flies around the track and can reach over 200mph. It sometimes feels like it has some understeer, but after a few testing laps you’ll figure out where to brake, etc and won’t have any issues. Very fun to drive and makes a great track car as each lap you’ll get slightly better and better times. I found if you shift a tiny bit before the redline it allows for faster times as well. Tune is by Jonathan Glanville.

Car Ford Shelby GT500 ’13
Drivetrain FR
Horsepower 1015 HP/7400 rpm
Torque 921.8 ft-lb/5000 rpm
Weight 1388kg
Miles 22.8
Performance Points  664


Best of all parts with regular breaks. I’m using racing soft tires and a spoiler.


NOS 0%
Downforce 0/20
Weight Balance 200/50
Power Limiter 100%


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st  3.333
2nd  2.208
3rd  1.593
4th  1.210
5th  0.968
6th  0.825
Final  3.549
Top Speed 242 mph (388 kmph)


Initial xx  33
Accel xx  34
Braking xx  11


Ride Height  100 100
Spring Rate  8.24 6.62
Compression  3 4
Extension  2 3
Anti-Roll  3 4
Camber  0.7 0.5
Toe  -0.12 0.42


Brake Balance 7 4
  • JackBoxall1

    I’m not a hater of the Shelby GT500. I just don’t think that it’s particularly nice to drive in this game. It has too much understeer for a car of its drivetrain, and it just feels bulky. Mind you, it makes a pretty good drift car and it can be made blisteringly fast, as proven by ShmoGT above.

  • Daniele Porumboiu

    Maserati Gran Turismo race tune?

    • I actually have one, but it’s just not that great yet.

  • Keshu Rao

    Weight 1388kg or Weight Balance 200/50?

    • Lower the weight than add 200kg at +50 (to the right) for balance.

      • Keshu Rao

        1,388 is after weight reduction, adding 200 would take it to 1,588 kg. Not too heavy?

        • I will double check for you. You can try both and see which you prefer.

          • Keshu Rao

            200/50 makes the weight distribution 50:50, i took the middle ground….added 177 kg instead which still keeps it 50:50 & feels better on trial mountain. 1,565 kg now