Citroën Xsara Rally Car ’99

Ok this is basically a double tune. Very similar, but anything in bold is for 500pp only. This car was made for a special race and I was going to put it under the track section, but it still works anywhere very well. I do suggest only doing small to medium tracks as the power is not that high. If you do race a very long track raise the final gear to the left a decent amount so you don’t rev out. No one suspects this car to race well since it is FF. Having an FF race car is strange, but it handles well and is very light. The power to weight ratio is what makes it much better than most other cars at this level. I set the LSD fairly aggressive and when you hit the gas the car wants to go straight. Just keep this in mind when taking corners. Much better to coast around the apex without any gas and then hit the gas to power out. My fastest times were with a little smoke out of the corners. The benefits of the higher LSD is on the straights it will accelerate faster to get to a higher top speed before everyone else. It drives very well overall for any race car and is a lot of fun to take on the track. Also very unique.

Car Citroën Xsara Rally Car ’99
Drivetrain FF
Horsepower 430HP/8800rpm 355HP/8800rpm
Torque 257.2 ft-lb/8800rpm 214.9ft-lb/880rpm
Weight 1100 kg 960 kg
Miles 42.8
Performance Points 517 500pp


Best of all parts without without nitrous. Racing soft tires. No added weight balance and no turbo


Nos 0%
Downforce 150/190
Weight Balance 140/10
Power Limiter 100% 99.9%


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st 3.873
2nd 2.788
3rd 2.096
4th 1.667
5th 1.379
6th 1.161
Final 3.580
Top Speed 143mph (230kmph)


Initial 18 xx
Accel 12 xx
Braking 21 xx


Ride Height 100 100
Spring Rate 7.86 8.19
Compression 5 6
Extension 4 5
Anti-Roll 4 4
Camber 0.8 1.1
Toe -0.11 -0.15


Brake Balance 3 4