Tommykaira ZZII ’00

I love this car so much. It used to be really difficult to drive in past games, but in GT6 the ZZII is a beast! I kept it at 600pp because at that level it should be able to smoke pretty much any other car. It’s just so light, lots of power, and 4WD which is the key to it’s success. I use it on all the seasonal events for 600pp. It sometimes suffers on the straights as the power isn’t that high, but it destroys on the handling. Just keep that in mind. For example a Speed 12 smoked me on the straights every time, but I destroyed him everywhere else and ended up winning. Works well on all tracks however even tricky ones like “the burg”.

Car Tommykaira ZZII ’00 600pp
Drivetrain 4WD
Horsepower 632HP/7000rpm
Torque 513.3 ft-lb/5500rpm
Weight 990 kg
Miles 100.0 (got it literally exact)
Performance Points 599


Every part EXCEPT engine tuning, no weight reduction, but yes to window reduction. Do add medium turbo and racing brakes. Racing soft tires. Optional nitrous. Optional spoiler


Nos 50%
Downforce 150/350
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st 3.082
2nd 2.149
3rd 1.580
4th 1.209
5th 0.973
6th 0.823
Final 3.787
Top Speed 199mph(320kmph)


Initial 19 27
Accel 14 18
Braking 17 23


Front Rear 25 75


Ride Height 65 65
Spring Rate 8.60 9.10
Compression 4 4
Extension 4 5
Anti-Roll 4 4
Camber 0 0
Toe -0.09 -0.17


Brake Balance 4 6
  • Nick Hofmann

    i did this with a drag setup it won against bugatti pagani aso

    • Nice, it’s pretty quick

  • Brian Reese

    cant get this tune to turn for anything… really wanna win this gold on the seasonal 4wd time trial… ive got a controller not a wheel… been playin with tunes on the zz and decided to look one up…idk why but i put this tune on and it tightened way up from where i had it (looser springs and dampers same anti roll, less on front limited slip…etc..) and it hits walls hella understeer now

    • Brian Reese

      transmission seems nice tho

    • Brian Reese

      meant 4wd super lap not time trial .. the current seasonal for 4wd

      • Brake earlier than you think. Slow in fast out.

        • Brian Reese

          kk ill give her another go thanks bud… hard for me to break bad habits maybe… i do see friends on replays goin in slower exiting faster… thanks for replying bud

          • Brian Reese

            friends driving lines I mean..sorry

          • Brian Reese

            like im ahead of them til a bit after the first turn… I will master this turn… like you said slow in / apex / fast out is what im aiming for ..the specific one im having trouble with is a high speed in….90 degree turn… high speed out… so its gotta be perfect for gold…that and huggin the turns on the latter half its mount panorama and you probably know it idk why im explaining lol….

          • Lol ya man it’s basically a super fast acceleration car, but it’s 4wd system gives it understeer. However, braking before you think you should to be able to make the turn gives you plenty of time to power quickly out of it.

  • Matthew Good

    Omg this car is so bad

  • Matthew Good

    Yea i am getting the pagini hyara ’11

  • Nate Silver

    that understeer though

    • Brake early

      • Nate Silver

        so about that tune i requested

        • All requested tunes go on a list and I make them one after another. Which one did you suggest and I’ll tell you how soon you should see it on the site?

  • Predator

    This car is by far the best value for money and not only. (60.000 vs the 2.000.000 cr.)
    Plus that it helps that it is 4wd so if you touch the grass on a turn your car won’t become a tornado.
    Just upgrade anything you can and even in the international A series you can beat the super cars, i even won the “Like the wind “race, the first race it can be a bit tricky, i could beat all super cars except the Pescarolo so i always was second,BUT once the pescarolo wasn’t there (didn’t participate) so i won even this one.
    The other 2 races it easy to win, i ve got 440 km/h speed.
    Only the last GT championship (in Int. A) couldn’t beat with it.

    • Lol ya, this car is amazing. It’s just so powerful for its size.