Nissan SILVIA spec-R AERO (S15) ’99

This car is usually used for drifting, but I recently found out it’s actually great for racing too. I selected it for a 550pp seasonal event thinking I had a race tune on it already, but I did not. I changed the tires to sports soft for the race and it drove great, but was a little crazy. I kept making small changes just to make it more stable. After working at it a little bit I finally made a tune which I could drive without worrying about spinning out. It’s super similar to the drift tune I made already and can be used on the ’02 version as well. I was pretty shocked at just how well it could turn into the corners, it has just the right amount of power too.

I prefer to use this for small to medium tracks as the transmission isn’t set for huge tracks. It is for 550pp races, but is a little short of that pp. However, it’s fully maxed out which gives it an advantage as most cars have to be downgraded or barely upgraded to hit that pp level. Also, this was the first tune I made 100% with a wheel. Normally, I make all my tunes with a controller. Like all the other tunes, it should still work with a wheel or controller perfectly fine.

Car Nissan SILVIA spec-R AERO (S15) ’99
Drivetrain FR
Horsepower 499HP/7700rpm
Torque 353.9 ft-lb/7400rpm
Weight 1044 kg
Miles 76
Performance Points 542


Best of all parts, optional nitrous. I’m using sports soft tires, but any sports or race should work great. No racing brakes.


Downforce 0/20
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st 3.798
2nd 2.726
3rd 2.110
4th 1.702
5th 1.372
6th 1.149
Final 3.000
Top Speed 149mph (240kmph)


Initial xx 15
Accel xx 11
Braking xx 16


Ride Height 92 90
Spring Rate 7.65 6.90
Compression 6 4
Extension 8 5
Anti-Roll 5 4
Camber 3.3 0.9
Toe -0.21 -0.07


Brake Balance 3 3