Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (C7) ’14/Z06/ZR1

Very interesting set of tunes we have today and yes, I said tunes. This is actually two tunes in one. A Z06 and a ZR1. The Z06 will be typed out normal and is the lower powered one while the ZR1 will be in bold. Hopefully you’ll be able to follow along easily when setting up your tune. Both tunes drive great, but the Z06 is a lot easier to control due to the lower power output. I call mine The Black Widow because it’s all black with red interior, red spoiler, and red brakes. It looks pretty cool on the replays. I didn’t have much time for pics so they don’t do it justice, but trust me it looks awesome driving down the track. One thing to take note of is I set mine with the Z06 stats first, tested it, then came back and tried the ZR1. If you transmission settings are messed up try setting up the Z06 exactly first and then try the ZR1. The added power may change the transmission settings. I also like how they can both be used with sorts or racing tires. This means seasonal events they can be used since seasonal events usually never have my usual racing soft tires. Tunes are by Travis Helm.

Car Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (C7) ’14/Z06/ZR1
Drivetrain FR
Horsepower 683HP/5800rpm 920HP/6500rpm
Torque 713 ft-lb/4300rpm 852.3 ft-lb/5000rpm 
Weight 1329 kg 1230 kg
Miles 15.4
Performance Points 624 668


Z06 is just non bold and ZR1 is everything.

Only parts are sports or racing tires, custom suspension/transmission/LSD, racing brakes, twin plate clutch, triple plate clutch, and carbon drive shaft, engine tuning stage 1, tuning stage 3, sports computer, racing exhaust, catalytic converter,  exhaust semi racing, manifold, intake, supercharger, and all weight reduction.


NOS 0%
Downforce xx/15 20
Weight Balance 99/0 0/0
Power Limiter 99.5% 100%


Set final to 4.250, them top speed, then gears, then final to 2.675. Same for both

1st 3.872 3.925
2nd 2.691 2.691
3rd 2.047 2.054
4th 1.602 1.624
5th 1.298 1.316
6th 1.089 1.104
7th 0.946 0.958
Final  2.675 2.675
Top Speed 149 149 (240 kmph)


The same for both

Initial xx 12
Accel xx 11
Braking xx 22


The same for both

Ride Height 80 81
Spring Rate 7.89 8.83
Compression 4 5
Extension 5 6
Anti-Roll 4 2
Camber 0 0
Toe 0.02 0.06


The same for both

Brake Balance 3 2
  • Oleg Stanikov

    Make a RAM 1500 drag setup.

  • Yeodaddy

    I’m confused and I HATE having to ask you this… I set up the ZR1 Tune you have. My HP 920 Torque 852 weight 1,230 BUT MY PP is 635. You show 668. I have everything that i know of- everything, racing tires, custom suspension/transmission/LSD, racing brakes, triple plate clutch, and carbon drive shaft, engine tuning stage 3, sports computer, racing exhaust, catalytic converter, manifold, intake, supercharger, and all weight reduction. Any idea what could be missing?

    • Oil change. Adds more power right away

      • Yeodaddy

        yeah my did it. That is what I am saying. My HP, Torque, and Weight are the same as yours its the PP that is way off

        • Hmm that is strange. Double check the parts and make sure you are using the exact same model car.

  • Daniele Porumboiu

    There isn’t a 7th gear on my ZR1, please update

    • You sure you are using the right car?

      • Daniele Porumboiu

        Corvette ZR1 (C6) ’09 (GT6 Italy)
        cr. 184.800
        hp 647
        nm 818,3
        4.475×1.928×1.245 (mm)
        1.508 kg
        without any tune

        • Ya that’s the problem you need the C7

          • Daniele Porumboiu

            Corvette Stingray (C7) ’14?
            you wrote Z06/ZR1 and I understand C6 ZR1

          • It’s a replica tune. You start with the C7 and the tune turns it into a z06 or zr1 c7 as they aren’t in the game.

          • Daniele Porumboiu


  • D.Bolt

    How did you get 99/0 balance on the z06? I have the exact same numbers all around for the zr1 but I can’t get the 99/0 balance for z06 setup nor can I get the weight to 1329

    • The weight balance means how much weight to add and where to place it. So add 99, but leave it at 0.

      • D.Bolt

        Accidentally deleted my question but it’s
        obvious what I asked with your response. Thank you I did that and it worked. Amazing tune as usual.

  • WeAkBlOoD

    you are my hero litterly
    i was searching for this sinds 2012

  • AlexRiis

    I wonder what I’m doing wrong. I can’t change downforce and weight balance. I did everything the guide stated. Also my PP is only at 597, how come? Hope I can get some help 🙂

    • This is a tricky tune that needs to be read properly. Make sure the right parts and correct tune is applied. Make sure you do an oil change for more hp and get a spoiler for the downforce. As for the weight balance, the first one is how much weight and after the slash is the position of it.

      • AlexRiis

        Thanks a lot 🙂 I’m as nooby as one can be when it comes to this, but I love racing games and trying out different tunes! I hadn’t even bought a spoiler, so that explains it. I hope I’ll figure it out now 🙂

        • Lol it’s fine. This tune had multiple setups in one, which can be confusing for anyone. For virtually any other tune it’s pretty staight forward. Always make sure to read the description and the parts, however. They explain any special details on how to drive it or anything important. Also, a little secret I don’t list is always do an oil change for more power on all cars.

          • AlexRiis

            Yeah well I thought I did read it carefully, I wasn’t aware of the changes a spoiler and oil change did. Does it matter which spoiler it is? If not, how can I know which one to buy?

            So after I have bought the spoiler, I can change downforce and weight balance? Or is weight balance the balance weight/position? I realise my questions are probably beyond stupid, but yeah…

            Btw, I don’t know if it means anything, but in my game I could only buy carbon propeller shaft, not carbon drive shaft.. so I did that.

            Typical me to choose a tune that isn’t so straight forward 🙂

          • All spoilers are the same, whatever you like best. Same with all other body parts like wheels and skirts. Weight balance is on the left area of the weight section. You can add weight and move it’s position. It’s not a part you need to buy. I’m sure the drive shaft is the same as mine. I may have had the wording off or something, but that’s what it is lol.

          • AlexRiis

            Alright, just had to be sure about that 🙂 Thanks a lot once again!

          • Not a problem. Any more questions just ask in the comments.

          • AlexRiis

            Alright now I am sure I did everything in the guide, including oil change. My car also have the correct stats, except my car only got 598 PP instead of 624. Any idea why that is? Also, my max. torque says 98.5kgfm/4300 rpm, so maybe it’s got something to do with that.

          • You have to of missed a part or accidentally clicked a lower grade part by mistake. Possibly a different model of car. That much pp difference seems like a lot.

          • AlexRiis

            It’s the Corvette Stingray (C7) ’14 right? I double checked all the stats, but it’s probably something obvious that I’m missing. Btw, I have got the exact same problem with Lotus Elise ’11. The PP is 560 instead of 581.

          • Usually that means oil change. Check your weight reduction and power parts are all correct.

  • Matthew Good

    Could u do an Aston Martin One-77 Race tune (or at least recomend the best car with the correct tune setup for the seasonal event Intermediate Level Non-Racing Car Challenge (Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca) 5 Lap race

    Entry Requirements
    550 or less
    Sports: Medium or less
    Normal Car
    Cannot be Fitted

    Currently my McLaren MP4-12C works well (from 12 place to 6th place in 1st lap n from 6th place to 2nd or 1st place on 2nd lap (usually get 2nd place on 2nd lap) with a fastest lap time of 1:33:xxx (1 min 33 sec) and handles and breaks well, i moved to the Aston Martin One-77 and i managed to get a fastest lap time of 1:32:xxx with 5th place on 1st lap and 1st place on 2nd lap but the handling feels poor and heavy even with all light weigh parts, and the breaking feels a bit heavy aswell as the understeer, overall the car itself feels worse than the MP4-12C but has a fastest lap time of 1:32 wich is faster than the Mclaren MP4-12C yet it handles better then the One-77

  • Matthew Good

    Stupid indents not being allowed -_-

  • Matthew Good

    Also 99% of the time parachute breaking will work, 1% is when your going too fast n need to slow down faster than parachute breaking

    • I have a one-77 tune already. Search it in the search box

  • Matthew Good

    How do i tell the difference between the Z06 and the ZR1 models

    • Says in the description

  • Danish Ajanee

    What about traction control and abs and stuff?

    • Abs at 1 only. Everything else is off.