Honda NSX GT500 Base Model ’08

One of my favorite race cars and perfect for 600pp races. I was sick and tired of all these 600pp race car seasonal events and i never had any cars to race with. I looked at some race cars that I thought would be good and this is one of the lightest and most hp race cars for this pp that you can buy. The best part is you can paint it whatever color you want. As I am sure most of you have noticed that usually isn’t the case for race cars. Stock matte black is an option which already looks awesome so I left it like that. The shape of this car looks like a stingray and in the matte black paint it just looks too good. I call this car “Black Swan” (like the movie) since it is very delicate and graceful when driving it. You aim it anywhere you want and the car will go there. The control is unreal. At the same time if you aren’t at the top of your game it can get crazy real fast. I think wheel drivers will like it since you barely have to turn the wheel for it to make pretty sharp turns. Remember it has a low rpm turbo meaning most of the power is in the lower rpm range. Be careful when in gear 2 when exiting corners because if you slam on the gas all the power comes at once making the tires spin too fast potentially causing you to spin out. Also if you are in higher gears shifting a bit before the redline will keep the power coming and let you accelerate faster than if you waited for the full range of the rpm. I love the car and it’s perfect for seasonal events.

Car Honda NSX GT500 Base Model ’08
Drivetrain MR
Horsepower 581/5800rpm
Torque 579.3 ft-lb/5000rpm
Weight 1150 kg
Miles 37.6
Performance Points 600pp


Low range turbo to hit 600pp. Works well with any race tires


Nos 0
Downforce 400/650
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 93.6%


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st 2.754
2nd 1.555
3rd 1.360
4th 1.042
5th 0.832
6th 0.690
Final 4.650
Top Speed 236mph (380kmph)


Initial xx 17
Accel xx 26
Braking xx 24


Ride Height 50 53
Spring Rate 16.00 17.12
Compression 7 5
Extension 5 4
Anti-Roll 4 3
Camber 2.3 2.0
Toe -0.70 0.70


Brake Balance 2 2