Pagani Huayra ’13 top speed

Super crazy fast for top speed. Best car I have tried so far. Cruise speed is around 300mph with 322mph with nos. Fastest I ever hit was 350mph with a draft. What makes this car faster than anything else is it can corner at around 290mph. Which means you don’t even need to slow down or brakes yet can make the turn. At those speeds it is easy to get speed wobbles and end up hitting the wall or spinning out so just watch it. Overall I love the car. It looks amazing, crazy fast, Italian, nothing not to like. Hard to tell from the pictures, but mine is red with black stripe on the top and sides (stock paint), but I got cool circle looking wheels and matched the paint. Took a while since the stock paint isn’t given to you to use so I had to find something similar. Ended up getting lucky and finding the exact color. Top speed is great, but you might want to actually race with this car which is why I made a Pagani Huayra ’13 race tune and you guys get even luckier as I made a Pagani Huayra ’13 drag tune too. Love the car so much I had to make many tunes.

EDIT Nov 21, 2015: improved suspension for better handling. Also, included a video below showing just how crazy fast this car is. The 2011 model also has 10 more hp which technically should make it a little faster, but the tune will work on either one.


Car Pagani Huayra ’13
Drivetrain MR
Horsepower 1232HP/6600rpm
Torque 1116.6 ft-lb/5000rpm
Weight 1105 kg
Miles 399.5
Performance Points 694


Best of all parts, racing soft tires, and nitrous.


Nitrous 50 (max to the right)
Downforce 80/200
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st 3.453
2nd 2.288
3rd 1.649
4th 1.240
5th 0.974
6th 0.798
7th 0.650
Final 2.450
Top Speed 273mph(439kmph)


Initial xx 60
Accel xx 60
Braking xx 20


Ride Height 85 50
Spring Rate 10.27 15.22
Compression 7 8
Extension 5 6
Anti-Roll 4 4
Camber 1.7 1.6
Toe -0.15 0.30


Brake Balance 5 5
  • Triple

    Hello team shmo first great new site and second i’m looking for cars that reach a high top speed and they are a bit scattered around, i’m just trying to give some feedback, but could’t you make another topic with top speed cars or something. Would be greatly appreciated 😀

    • Thanks for the compliment. Right now I only have two top speed tunes and one is also a 3k drag tune. Future top speed tunes I will put under “track” since top speed are track specific (long tracks). However with this new site it now uses a tag system. So you can just click the “top speed” tag at bottom of this tune or search for it. It will bring all the other top speed tunes up no matter where they are. It works for other things too like if you need a 500pp tune for a seasonal event for example.

      • Triple

        Thanks for the information, and keep up the good work, compliments from the netherlands 🙂

  • Edufigmed

    Do a nismo gtr top speed, I have raced top speed with other people and it’s faster that this car

    • Idk if it will be faster. This is even faster than the veyron since it can take the turns too

  • Cj Sabo

    Yea I am steady 290-294 on the gt6 edition Huayra. Not bad but would love to see the 320mph. Corners about 270. I have people that still blow me away with this car or the TZ3. I want those setups

    • Did you do an oil change for max hp? So far I haven’t seen anyones tunes faster than this one. I have a much higher steady speed and can take the corners faster too.

  • MostWanted

    Mine is faster 😮 490 kmh

    • No way

      • MostWanted

        PSN: MostWanted2025 .idk how can send a handy screenshot to you

        • That’s pretty quick either way

          • MostWanted

            Yeah :/ i can send setup. Funny thing is: before it only does 472. Driven it today, now it does 490. Thats so weird :/. (I only changed the transmission, apring etc is stock )

          • Maybe you switched tires

          • MostWanted

            Nope. Drive only RS :/ thats so weird :/. I think if i tune spring i can get more than 490

    • Michael

      Mine gets to 487 kph

  • battlemaster1994

    hy all.
    me and my mate just played around with the setups,
    we managed to hit straight 492 Kp/h.
    downhill we managed to hit 501 kp/h.

  • Michael

    My tune gets cruises at 303 mph and drafts RB quite easily. By the way will gt5 tunes on the X2010 Sebastian edtion also work on it in gt6 because it gets to 327 which is slow for a RB In gt5 but once it gets a draft it easily breaks 400 MPH XD

  • Michael

    But I am serious I have been kicked from lobbies because of my RB crazy draft acceleration

  • Fat Cat

    Mine gets to 500kph with nitrous downhill on stage route X.
    Stock transmission, Racing hard suspension, Max everything else.

  • Alojz Novak

    mine gets 521 km/h downhill with your setup and my Driving Options:
    Transmission AT
    Racing Soft Tires
    TC 4
    ASM On
    ABS 1
    Skid Recovery On
    Controller Steering Sensitivity 5
    Force Feedback Max. Torque 1
    Force Feedback Sensitivity 3

    • Traction control to 0