SRT Tomahawk X Vision Gran Turismo Top Speed

This car is absolutely unreal. Making a top speed tune was mandatory. I first drove the car in the Nurburgring seasonal event which I sucked at, but after doing the easier ones became much more skilled with it. Once I beat the challenge and received the car I immediately began working on a top speed tune. I made it fast, but not fast enough. I kept working on it tweaking little things until it became as fast as possible. The transmission was the key to it’s high top speed for me. The 7th gear and final gear had to be adjusted just right. It still has a little bit of room left to draft with a unknown max draft top speed. If I ever find a way to make it even faster I’ll be sure to update it. Follow on Facebook or Twitter to be notified of any updates.

Time to toss some crazy numbers around. It can hit 388mph going downhill with the wings up and a max of 440mph with the wings down. This is all without drafting anyone. The fastest I have ever gone so far with drafting is 455mph and climbing, but at that speed you will smoke past everyone. A little tip to go much faster is to hold the Nos button. It doesn’t have Nos, but when you hold it down all the aero parts go down creating a super sleek look that is perfect for top speed. I debated about keeping the tune to myself just to smoke everyone online, but that wouldn’t be the Team Shmo way.

A little brief on how to drive it. Everyone races on Route X since it’s the longest track. Although I make it look easy taking the corners at high speeds can be tricky. I am using a controller and you barely press the stick to turn and always making tiny adjustments to stay on the road. For the fastest possible corners stick to the outside between the wall and the middle yellow line. It is very difficult to do this, but if you can master it you will hold more speed and your laps will be quicker. Obviously don’t touch the wall.

This first video is of the top speed with the wings up and the second is me racing people online who claimed to have fast cars. As you can see it wasn’t even close.


Car SRT Tomahawk X Vision Gran Turismo
Drivetrain 4WD
Horsepower 2695HP/13,800rpm
Torque 943.4 ft-lb/11,300rpm
Weight 749 kg
Miles 353.4
Performance Points 964


Best of all parts, racing soft tires


Nitrous 0
Downforce 450/750
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st 5.025
2nd 2.803
3rd 1.788
4th 1.278
5th 0.956
6th 0.721
7th 0.553
Final 4.867
Top Speed 416mph(670kmph)


Initial 60 60
Accel 60 60
Braking 5 5


Ride Height 100 70
Spring Rate 23.09 21.05
Compression 10 1
Extension 10 1
Anti-Roll 7 1
Camber 2.8 1.8
Toe 0 0


Brake Balance 6 6
  • SgtStig

    Yeah that ring challenge was nuts. You see that video of the guy who did it in 3:20? Not even fair. I ran a solid 5:27 and called it a night…

    • I ran a 5:05 going very slowly and cautiously. I’m sure I can smoke the time, but the tiniest touch of grass is a fail. My plan is to go very slowly like before only hold nos on the straights to give me that little boost. Hopefully all the little speed boost will result in a 5 second reduction letting me get gold.

      I did pretty good on the challenge before. I think it was daytona. Could barely beat it and ended up getting the fastest score out of all my friends list lol

      • SgtStig

        I really like the street tomahawk. It is very balanced and of course still very fast.

        • Same it was the right amount of power

          • Anthony Lebrecht

            If you didn’t beat the super license class races yet the street one is the best I’ve ever used. No tuning required. Dust everything even at 550pp

  • Zac Price

    May i ask why the front ride height is so high?

  • SG

    after the umpteenth time trying that ring channel for the car.. figured to just get the car myself..the only VGT car ever bought .. with 50 mil in the bank, whats 1 million :p

    • Lol that challenge is so hard. I just drove very slow everywhere to make sure I got a medal. I still haven’t got gold yet, but I’ll post the video once I do. I got a 5:05, only 5 seconds over when I was going slow and cautious. I’m sure I could kill it, but literally 1mm off the track and it disqualifies you. Gets annoying after a while.

  • Erebus514

    Is anyone else having the issue (tuned or unturned) that the car just veers right as it tops out in 6th shifting into 7th?

    • Never had that happen or anything even close.

      • Erebus514

        Fixed the issue… Funny what tires do at 300+ mph. Comforts don’t work

        • Lol ya those are not rated for those speeds.

  • Ian Ruiz

    Hey Shmo, its that the best u got ? I Hit 424 Down Hill Wings Up Without Drafting, With Wings Down I Hit 467, and with Wings Down And Drafting i hit 494

    • Watch both videos as one shows the real top speed. I think 480mph was my best with drafting. Just normal driving was I think 435mph usually.

      • mineLOLpride

        I found that with a different tune I could do 388 wings up before drafting and OVER 515mph wings down and drafting, so the top speed there is definitely higher than though

  • Ian Ruiz

    Hey, Does Forza Horizon 2 Has A Page Like This ? Bringing Some Tunes ?

    • Right now I only do GT6 tunes.

  • D.Bolt

    Will you make a track tune for this?

    • It’s so insane for the track. The stock version is already pretty good so I’m not sure.

  • 初音ミク

    HOLY CRAP!!!!! I got up to 442 mph (711 km/h)

  • Dennis Gane

    Hey Shmo, quick question. You got a tune for the S version and the gtrs versions of the series?

    • Like race tunes or top speed like this one? I’m pretty sure I only have this top speed one either way

      • Dennis Gane

        Ahhh okay.are there any plans in the future? I have 0 idea as to what I’m doing when it comes to tuning.

        Still upset that they have a pp limit now. I get it but maybe if we golded the track it’d be cool if they took that away. Just use whatever car ya want.

        As far as the super license goes, what’s the pp limit there? Haven’t been able to pass the Bugatti test.

        • Dennis Gane

          Sorry. Top speed tunes*

          • Lol I haven’t beat the Bugatti challenge either. Also, I don’t really plan on making a race tune or top speed tune for the other variations because you can’t use them really. I’m sure this top speed would work decently for the other types, but they will be slower which kind of defeats the purpose of top speed.

          • Dennis Gane

            Fair enough. The only time I’ve been able to use the S is in like the wind. And that’s the weaker of the 3.
            Thanks again man! Love your site.

          • Hassan Khalil

            Lol for Like the wind I used my Supra RZ

          • Racing Studios

            Quick tip for that challenge. E-BRAKE. helps gets around turns. Just use it wisely. Also a driving force GT is the best wheel. LOL. And also try powersliding around corners. Active Steering is a great way to keep the car from spinning out!

          • I’ll have to try those tips. I played for hours before and eventually got so frustrated I just gave up.

          • Leighton Gaffers Gaffney

            Tried this tune and quite liked it. Just wondered, I’ve got a Audi Pikes Peak Quattro (Q7) the 1/4 drag tune that beats a lot of have you thought of doing a drag tune for it? BTW, it’s an 8s car atm

          • If it’s amazing I’d be happy to try it and add it to the site if it’s excellent.

          • Leighton Gaffers Gaffney

            That’s brilliant! Im still tweaking it to lose the extra seconds but it’s pretty good. Have you got a tune for it and also where would I send you the tune? Cheers!

          • I don’t have a tune for it already. Also, you can send it on Facebook private message, or email. About page talks more about this.

        • Keshu Rao

          I did, I’m sure you would’ve done it by now.

  • Zac Price

    May I ask why in the transmission settings that you didn’t opt to go for the highest top speed of 700km/h instead of going for the lower speed of 670km/h?

    • Just works better this way

  • Nate Silver

    wonder if this car could ever be real

    • Lol I think right now it’s impossible. One day I’m sure this will be normal land speeds for vehicles, honestly.

  • Danish Ajanee


    • Abs 1 and that’s it. Same for all tunes.

      • Danish Ajanee

        K thanks. And thank you for taking out time to make all these tunes. I’ve used so many of them and won races because of them and got enough to buy a Tomahawk. Thanks👍

        • Very welcome. I’m glad you’re enjoying them so much.