McLaren MP4-12C ’10

Very fun car to drive as it is super fast. This car is setup for the Nurburgring, but could be used anywhere. When driving it literally makes you feel like you are in a race car. It’s just so fast and handles very well. I previously made a McLaren 12C drag tune that is one of the fastest drag tunes around, so it should be no surprise a race version is just as amazing. The car has a little bit of under and oversteer, but not in a bad way. It can make it around any corner with ease and then uses the understeer to straighten out at the end. Obviously at the Nurburgring it isn’t a track you can just cruise around on. Every second it will be trying to kill you and if you let it, it will. However, after a few turns you should get the hang of driving the 12C there and have a blast doing it. I went up to 260mph on the straight and the speed was still climbing, but I was forced to brake. The best part is it’s 650pp so you can use it for seasonal events. I tested it with racing hard tires, but sport softs or higher should work well too. Tune is by Stephen G Reffner

Car McLaren MP4-12C ’10
Drivetrain MR
Horsepower 889HP/8500rpm
Torque 629 ft-lb/7400rpm
Weight 1105 kg
Miles 116.8
Performance Points 650


Best of all parts, sport soft tires or better, spoiler, and optional nitrous


Nitrous 50 (max to the right)
Downforce 0/100
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 91.3%


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st 4.266
2nd 2.706
3rd 1.924
4th 1.436
5th 1.107
6th 0.891
7th 0.755
Final 3.631
Top Speed 286mph(460kmph)


Initial xx 7
Accel xx 5
Braking xx 25


Ride Height 80 100
Spring Rate 7.14 11.63
Compression 6 7
Extension 3 4
Anti-Roll 7 7
Camber 1.0 0.6
Toe -0.12 0.21


Brake Balance 3 4
  • Ash

    Gr8 tune car is like a fighter jet.

  • D.Bolt

    It is a fighter jet. Careful to watch speed into corners … Crash landing will be imminent.

  • MostWanted

    And now a mclaren F1 tune? 😀

    • That car is insane to drive. At any second it could kill you.

      • Matthew Good

        I know, i tried driving it but it handles alot worse than mp4, too heavy lol

  • SgtStig


  • THEmajicCARPET

    I put this on my 12C thinking okay another stupidly fast tune that would KILL!!! you when you even blink, but this beast was nothing like i expected, sure it would still kill you when you blink but its very easy to control little to none understeer. I love this tune.

    • Lol ya it’s insane, but quite refined.

  • seba loksean

    Reason for power limiter?

    • Fit the pp

      • seba loksean

        okay ty