Dodge SRT Viper SRT10 Coupe ’06

The Dodge Viper is one of the most insane cars ever and it’s even more insane as a drift car. Everything about it is crazy, from the side exhaust to the 1000+hp engine. If you have been following Team Shmo for a long time you will know I had a green Dodge SRT Viper SRT10 Coupe ’06 back in the GT5 days and figured it was time to make it again in GT6. Just like before it is a beast! It’s pretty easy to drift as long as you aren’t slamming on the gas every second. The power will destroy you if you try that. I prefer to be in a little bit higher of a gear than what I normally would do just to control the power better and allow for smoother drifting.

Car Dodge SRT Viper SRT10 Coupe ’06
Drivetrain FR
Horsepower 1159HP/6000rpm
Torque 1100 ft-lb/5000rpm
Weight 1252 kg
Miles 5.8
Performance Points 655


All parts with optional spoiler. I am using comfort hard tires.


NOS 0%
Downforce xx/10
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


Set top speed, gears, final

1st 3.689
2nd 2.362
3rd 1.734
4th 1.334
5th 1.074
6th 0.863
Final 2.367
Top Speed 211mph (340kmph)


Initial xx 16
Accel xx 24
Braking xx 16


Ride Height 95 95
Spring Rate 9.28 9.36
Compression 2 2
Extension 4 4
Anti-Roll 1 1
Camber 0.0 0.0
Toe -0.20 0.60


Brake Balance 4 4
  • Tito_gunner

    I suck at drifting LOL, any advice plz? :c xD

    • Lol check my guides section. I have a how to drift guide which should help.

      • Tito_gunner

        ya I already tried other tunes and slower cars, but I just cant do it, terrible drifting driver jaajajja but I ‘ll try more often.

        I have another question, I never put attention on driving assists such as ABS, traction control and so on… so my question is without assists means more realistic or what?

        • For drifting and anything else I use only ABS at 1. Everything else is off. For drifting you also need a manual transmission. If you don’t do either of these you’ll never be drifting lol.

          • Tito_gunner

            LOL my entire life in gt saga was a lie :c … and how the hell you dont spin out with these assists? D:

          • lol that is the challenge. With some practice it becomes easier for most cars and makes the game a lot more fun. Just remember tho, you can’t just slam the gas everywhere anymore.

          • Tito_gunner

            Yesterday I started training that with medium power cars, and it’s just matter of time to improve the skills 😛 do you know if the Thrustmaster T80 is worth it?

          • For drifting or in general? I wouldn’t get a wheel for drifting, but it’s fun for racing. I think the T80 is the new one right? If not check my wheel guide as I go over many wheels there. Definitely fun for racing but takes a while to become good with. Plus you need a stand and good seating position.

          • Tito_gunner

            For general, I prefer racing than drifting. I asked here because I already posted here my doubts xD I don’t know if it is new or no. I think about the T80 because there are others cheapers but I don’t know if they will be good enough in realistic terms, so I saw the T80 that has a medium range price of $100 USD aprox and felt that could be a good start maybe, logitech g27 is just too expensive.

          • I saw your last comment, but no links are allowed so it got blocked automatically. However I checked and I was thinking of the T150 which is the brand new one. It’s basically between the T80 and T300 in terms of function and price. I wrote a review about the T80 against all my other fav wheels out right now if you want to see my thoughts. However, personally I would spend a little more to get one with force feedback since that is where the real fun is.

          • Tito_gunner

            Oh, sorry about the link, didnt know about that, I edited that post and when I didnt see it, I thought it failed.
            Thanks for the answers, I’m reading the guide and I’ll search for the T150 or something similar but in my country there are no much variety 🙁

          • The T150 just came out and will be hard to find I would imagine. Go off the list I wrote tho. It narrows it down to the wheels I think are the best and easiest to find anywhere. The T300 is the best bet as it will work for PS4 too. That way you can still use it eventually for GT7.

          • THEmajicCARPET

            By the way a T80 doesnt work for GT6 i had one and it didnt work.

          • That is pretty strange. When did you own it, maybe it was too new?

          • Tito_gunner

            I thought the same because is not in the list of gt6 but I watched some videos on youtube with the wheel working :/

          • Ya that’s kinda weird. Like I said before, either way I’d get a wheel with force feedback. It’s worth the extra money. Just keep saving.

          • Tito_gunner

            Ya I’ll wait while improve my skills at driving without assists xD

    • MostWanted

      Best typ: first try a slower car 😀

      • lol ya definitely start with a slower car. This is the worst car to start with

    • THEmajicCARPET

      try using the nissan silvia s13 k dia selection, leave it stock with comfort hard tire. perfect for beginners

      • Tito_gunner

        Thanks for the advice, I’ll try it 😀

  • THEmajicCARPET

    Where did you get the green?

    • It’s matte green. Seasonal event.

  • Anthony Lebrecht

    The Honda Odyssey tune eats this for breakfast lunch and dinner at Tokyo R246. Mini van can out drift a viper? What am I doing wrong.

    • Lol the van is just awesome

      • Anthony Lebrecht

        What would you suggest to make the viper slide easier?

        • Slide easier? It has so much power, I have a hard time keeping it in a straight line. However, I would just say slam the gas harder and steer left and right more. This will make sure the tires are always red and it’s only sliding around

          • Anthony Lebrecht

            For some reason the back end doesn’t want to go anywhere unless I’m going round 70

          • Make sure traction control is off and you are using comfort hard tires.