Marcos Mini Marcos GT ’70

This car is basically a baby Lotus. It’s so small, light, with decent power. I had this car back in GT5 days in yellow and did it again this time around in GT6. It is much lighter than any Lotus, but it’s power is also lower. This makes it much slower, but similar to drive. It’s also FF which is a big difference from the MR Lotus Elise. I drove it at first and liked it, but the more laps I did made me like it even more. Each lap you find out exactly where it likes to brake and when to turn in to a corner. Just little things that take off little bits of time each lap. After a few laps you are many seconds ahead of your original time and had a blast driving it. Also, not only is this car one of the lightest in the game, but it also has the smallest amount of wheel choices I have seen yet. There are literally about 6 new rims to choose from and that’s it.

Tune by Sam Matthews and here is what he has to say about it:

This car, based on the original Austin Mini/Mini Minor, is a quintessential small British Sportscar; light, low-powered and divisive looks. Personally, I quite like the design, with a stylish shooting-brake silhouette. Mine is in ‘Nero Scorpione’ (Abarth 500) with the 5-spoke wheels that are available. Marcos only made 700 of these, making it a rare possibility to see in the real-world, but at $25,500 in game its more than affordable for everyone. I was amazed at how light this car is, weighing in at just 516kg. It does, however have a fairly small power output, of just 225BHP after all the mods and an oil change. Seeing as this was based on the Mini, I started off with my Mini tune, based on the Team Shmo’s Mini tune. This means that there are a couple of similarities, such as the initial gearbox tune and the LSD. I have found this has an astonishingly low amount of understeer for an FF/turbo car, I can even brake into the corners without much drama. With lower tyres there is more understeer, but the LSD can be adjusted to compensate for that. Because of the gearbox this tune is more suited to tracks without long straights, but it will do the first sector of Spa (Start to ‘Les Combes’) at full throttle with a small liftoff for Eau Rouge. I managed the whole of Spa in about 2:25.

Car Marcos Mini Marcos GT ’70
Drivetrain FF
Horsepower 225/7000rpm
Torque 170.4 ft-lb/6500rpm
Weight 516 kg
Miles 54
Performance Points 547


Best of all parts without racing brakes without nitrous. Racing soft tires or sports soft, not much power so works well with worse tires too, but you have to be more careful.


Nos 0
Downforce 0/0
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st 3.432
2nd 2.397
3rd 1.821
4th 1.391
5th 1.100
Final 2.700
Top Speed 137mph (220kmph)


Initial 5 xx
Accel 25 xx
Braking 30 xx


Ride Height 70 75
Spring Rate 6.46 4.23
Compression 3 4
Extension 5 6
Anti-Roll 5 6
Camber 0 0
Toe -0.10 -0.20


Brake Balance 4 4