Chevrolet El Camino SS 396 ’67

El Camino tune for GT6 oh my. This car is a must buy as it can be used in so many races and performs great. I didn’t go all out on this as if you look at the date posted GT6 has only been out a few days and most people will find a tune with limited tuning much more beneficial compared to a full blown race tune. It’s pretty easy to drive and has lots of power. Just watch the gas coming out of corners and you can usually brake a bit later then you think. Best part about this car is you can change the looks from the show car style I went with to basically a full out truck.

Car Chevrolet El Camino SS 396 ’67
Drivetrain FR
Horsepower 349HP/5500rpm
Torque 452 ft-lb/4000rpm
Weight 1468 kg
Miles 83.9
Performance Points 477


I’m using sports soft tires. Racing exhaust, catalytic converter sports, fully customized LSD, fully customized suspension, and fully customize transmission. Nitrous optional


Downforce 0/0
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st 3.365
2nd 2.185
3rd 1.568
4th 1.225
5th 1.000
Final 3.310
Top Speed 168mph (270kmph)


Initial xx 7
Accel xx 16
Braking xx 25


Ride Height 105 95
Spring Rate 11.12 8.51
Compression 7 6
Extension 5 4
Anti-Roll 4 3
Camber 2.1 2.4
Toe 0.15 0.35


Brake Balance 5 5
  • Hunter

    Does the El Camimo tune work if you have the highest possible hp?

    • You’d have to try and see

  • Hunter

    Ok I will

  • Hunter

    Should I do the weight reduction?

  • Hunter

    Definitely different tires!

  • Hunter

    Can I have your phone number so we can text each other?

  • Hunter

    It slides a lot when you turn. Even with racing tires. I used racing medium tires.

  • Hunter

    It also has wheelspin at the end of 2nd gear, during 3rd,and partially during 4th. So mabye a different gear setup and I’m terrible at that so can you do another El Camino setup please.

    • Yes, this tune was one of the very first. I have a few other tunes for this car coming, but I’m gonna do a refresh of this tune soon too.

  • Hunter

    I meant meant after I made it have max hp.

    • Even the regular one is trickier than it should be. However, extend the final gear in the transmission by a decent amount to the left to cope with the extra power.

  • Hunter

    Ok by how much?

    • It’s hard to say without trying. Just move it by roughly 0.500 to the left and see how it is. If it’s still crazy repeat and try again.

  • Hunter