GT6 Rally tips

A few Gran Turismo 6 rally tips so you can get the hang of it. This mini GT6 rally tutorial will give you the basics on how to start off. Rally is almost a lost part of the game with not too much focus, but trust me it is very fun once you get used to it. I have a few rally tunes you can play around with and eventually you can start building your own! All comments, critiques, or questions are welcome.


First off I will say once you master rally it is probably the most fun thing you can do. It combines racing and drifting into one. To get the quickest times like with racing you MUST follow the perfect line. With rally it can be trickier to always hold the line due to the dirt or snow making your car slide around, but over time you will understand where you need to brake to slide perfectly into the corner as opposed to crashing into the wall. Always know the track. Multiple laps with the same car around a certain track is the only way to get really good. Once you master one car at a certain track it is a lot easier to get into a different car at the same track and get used to driving it fairly quickly. I suggest using manual transmission as well since most of a time you want the car to reach the rev line and may not want it shift gears yet.


Rally unlike drift you can choose anything. I have tunes for all sorts of cars and I will say 4WD is the best by a mile. FF if tuned right can be really fun as well, but a slight learning curve has to be done since you can not slide any corners. A fun and easy car to learn Subaru IMPREZA WRX STI spec C ’09. An FR and other rear wheeled cars can rally well, but this is the trickiest. Too much power and they spin out very easy. A true challenge of rally is a MR car because they usually have more power and a larger tendency to spin. As for dedicated rally cars the same applies. Using a 4WD car is gonna be your best bet. The cars are all medium amounts of HP too which makes it easy to get a feel for the track without having it feel like a turtle. Easier than most and once you put a couple laps in it is very fast.


Always use manual transmission as you can tell the car when to shift. Which gear to enter a corner in is super important as too low the car isn’t making the turn and too high there’s too much power and you will over shoot it. The good and bad thing about rally is the ground creates a lot of friction. This means you can slow down easier to make a turn, but also means you could potentially slow down and the second your start to turn the car just continues to slide and you crash. Obviously you don’t want to crash or even hit the walls. Usually when entering a corner you want to enter from the farthest side get close as you can to the apex and exit on the opposite far side. One key is to be in a lower gear entering and switch to a higher one the second you pass the apex to give you a lot more power right away which will stop you from sliding into the outer wall. Full out drifting around the corners can be done, but I suggest only doing that on very tight corners as it will slow your time considerably.


Brakes are very important. You do not want to hit them and continue to slide. When braking always have it so you can stop in a reasonable distance. I find pulsing the brakes helps a ton when you are just coming in too fast. So just remember you want to brake before the corner and if you really feel you are going to fast hit and release the brake and keep doing that fairly fast to help slow the car down. I have had many times where that has saved me from crashing. Most tracks if you have the racing line on will tell you when to brake which is helpful, but with rally you need to know yourself. Most of the time there will be slight bends in the track that will tell you to brake, but in reality you do not need to at all. Learning the course is only way to know where these spots occur. Sticking to the inside on these spots will allow you to get real tight to the corner and exit just close enough to the outside where you don’t hit the wall.


I personally like dirt the best for rally. It slows you down a lot more than snow will and still gives you that slide. I suggest starting here first if you are either new to rally or testing a new car to rally. Also notes you may have cars that do well on dirt, but awful on snow due to the slower speeds. Not all dirt tracks are the same however. For whatever reasons you may do great at one and have a harder time at another. This may be just you not knowing the track as well, but always know that one one track you can stop at “this distance” while another track that distance has to be a lot farther back. This also applies to how hard you hit the gas. Some may find that dirt tracks are harder than snow, but this is just preference.


Snow looks great and the tracks are much bigger. The speeds that can be achieved here are pretty damn fast. However it is snow which is way harder to control your car in. Never let the speed get to you. If you need to brake or let off the gas totally while on a straight to get the car stable, do it. Many times I have just slammed the gas on the straights assuming I can brake near the next corner and worry about it than, but you will go completely out of control. MUST have control at all times. Drifting corners here can be done easier as well due to the slicker surface. You don’t want to get sideways like actual drifting, but you do want to be going fast on an angle to make wide turns.


This is pretty important as if you go too fast your off the track and if you go to slow your not gonna make the full turn. Go slow and focus on making the corner and where and when to turn in at first. It’s not that hard once you try it a few times just use common sense. If you’re gonna go off the track slow down if you’re going too slow speed up. If you know how to drift already you should pick up how to rally a bit easier. Just like drifting you need to pulse the gas to make the turns. If you just slam it you risk spinning out or hitting a wall. You always want to avoid even touching a wall. However different from drift and more like racing is that there is some situations where you can slam the gas to get out of a turn. Since the ground is very rough your tires will spin and the engine will rev while the car stays relatively straight. This will help a lot as you can just let off the gas completely and the car will straighten out right away. Also it should be noted that letting off the gas happens a lot. The ground itself will make you slide you do not need to always be on the gas. Just focus on the actual driving line rather than the speed. Once you know the line of the track and where all the braking points are is when you can start to push it a little harder.