How to Install GT6 Track Path Editor on a Computer Plus Review

  • Ease of use
  • Compatibility
  • Features
  • Fluidity (does it work)


The GT6 Track Path Editor brings a whole new level of excitement and realism to Gran Turismo 6.

– Can take photos of real tracks and make them digital
– Very easy to use
– Works great every time
– Can change the enviroment too

– Designed only for tablets
– No elevation options
– Can’t overlap the track

User Review
4.29 (7 votes)

The GT6 course maker is finally here! Unfortunately you need a tablet to use it. However, I have found an easy way to get it to work on your Mac or PC computer. No matter how you install it, the course maker’s official name is called “GT6 Track Path Editor” and is for iOS and Android. The app can be found in either the App Store or Play Store. The name sounds kind of weird to me and I think they should of just stuck with “Course Maker”, but it doesn’t really matter that much.

Although I will be telling you how to install the app on a computer later in this article, you may still want to check out purchasing a cheap Android tablet as I find it a little bit easier to use on it. Plus, tablets are fun for other things as well. I have heard that devices with screens over 5.5″ large (some phones) can download it too. However, that small of a screen is going to be hard to see things. I personally use the app on my older Android tablet with a dual core processor and 1GB of RAM. It runs perfectly smooth and launches fast. No need to buy the very latest tablet if you just want to use this app mainly. One thing you must pay attention to is the minimum requirements to run the app. On Android that means Android 4.1 or later and on iOS you must have iOS 7 or later.

To install on your tablet just head to the app store on your device and download it. I shot a video showing the basics of what things do and just how easy it is to create a track within minutes. Naturally, I had to have a bit of fun with it and did what Jeremy Clarkson would of done. Yes, I know it’s not very mature, but someone had to do it. Of course, it’s called the “Gentleman Sausage”. Don’t forget to Subscribe for more!

Once installed, you get the option of picking from four different course environments to start Eifel, Eifel Flat, Andalusia, or, Death Valley and you build your track within them. The first video is me making the track while the one right after is me driving on it to test it out.

As you can see, it’s very easy to make a track. However, making  a great track is a different story. To make the perfect track will take hours of planning. I find it hard to get the angles and curbing just right. I do love how you can add your own scenery tho. That is something I didn’t think they would let us do and was pleasantly surprised to see it in the app. Other things you can do is adjust the track width and banking of the corners. You can’t change the elevation or overlap the track, meaning it’s impossible to make tracks like Top Gear’s, but you can still make some awesome tracks.

A HUGE feature is the ability to import a photo and trace over it. This means you can take a picture of a real track from Google Maps and literally trace over it within the course maker. Basically, this means we can recreate almost any track in the world and bring it to GT6. That is pretty huge if you ask me. This can’t be done in all base environments however. Only certain ones allow you to import an image, but it’s not that big of a deal. I have also found this amazing website that shows you all the best drift tracks in the world. Just click the red dot and it shows you a Google Maps top view of the track for tracing and some info about it. It says drift tracks, but obviously they can be used for racing too.

What may be even more awesome is you can also import actual GPS data. You could drive around in your real car and import that path into the app, make it into a track, then drive on it in GT6. Super cool! It’s not as easy as importing a photo is and you need a special GPS unit, but as long as you have the GPX/KML data from your GPS, it can be done. However, in theory you should be able to use an app like Runtastic on your phone and export the GPX data then import that into the GT6 track maker. Runtastic also have biking apps, meaning you could track your GPS bike route and race on that in GT6. Lots of possibilities. I really like how you can now take real life and turn it into a digital race track for GT6. The Runtastic apps are on Android, iOS and Windows Phones too.

How to use GT6 Course Maker on Your Computer

Super easy. I have made a quick video showing you just how easy it is or you can follow the steps written out below.

Step 1: Head to BlueStacks. Download and install. You can use this to play any Android app on your computer also. Works on Mac or PC (I am using it on Mac with no issues)

Step 2: After it installs it will ask for your Google account. Either sign in or make a new one. I made a new one just for this and it worked fine.

Step 3: Click the search button and search for “GT6”. Look around for “Track Path Editor”. Download it, install it, open it. Mine took forever to download, but it eventually worked.

Step 4: Try it out basically.

Step 5: If everything worked so far it’s time to build an actual track. You can build almost anything you would like.

Step 6: Once that is done and you have hit save in the top left and then transfer in the top right, it will tell you to sign into your PSN.

Step 7: If that worked fine it’s time to go to your PS3 to drive the track. Head over the the new Track Path Editor section in GT6 and load tracks. It should say there is a new one on the server for you to test.

You MUST test all new tracks before transferring a new one from the app. It will only store one track at a time on the server. After you test the newly transferred track you have the option to save it or delete it. The track I made in this BlueStacks video sucked so I didn’t save it. Obviously, if yours is awesome, save it.

How to Download or Share Tracks with Others

This is very important because although making a track is cool, if no one can race on it, it’s kind of pointless. Luckily, this is also very easy. You do not even have to add the person to your PSN to see their tracks. So far, I only have “Gentleman Sausage” available for you to try, but will be adding a ton of tracks in the future. You only get 30 total tracks to store whether they are designed by you or shared from friends however. I got these instructions from Ameer67 over at GTPlanet and would like to thank him. To try my tracks you would go to!/friend/Shmogt/course/.

Step 1. Find the track creator’s exact PSN ID (case sensitive).

Step 2. Copy and paste!/friend/PSNID/course/ into your web browser’s address bar. (The creator does NOT have to be your friend.) Where it says “PSNID”, replace that with the creator’s PSN ID.

Step 3. Hit enter.

Step 4. You should now be on the user’s shared tracks page.

Step 5. Select any track you like and hit the blue “Save” button.

Step 6. Click “OK”.

Step 7. Load up GT6, go to Arcade Mode (or whatever mode you like), click on ‘User-created tracks”, and DONE!

Android Download: GT6 Track Path Editor
iOS Download: GT6 Track Path Editor