GT6 Course Maker and App Coming Soon?

When Gran Turismo 6 was first announced to be released there was talk of a course maker and official app. The app was said to let you drive around in your real life car and it would record your GPS location. Basically meaning you turn left and it will record a left turn etc. What made it really awesome is it was said to even record your altitude, speed, and other important data. That data would be stored in the app and later turned into a digital track that allows you to drive the course in GT6. For most of us living in the city this may not be that exciting of a track, BUT that doesn’t mean you have to drive around in your boring city. You could take it to famous tracks or roads and it would record them and map them into the game! All the tracks you have ever wanted would suddenly become available for you to drive.

UPDATE: It’s out!

For example if the Top Gear guys had the app in their pocket they could record their journey and allow everyone to recreate the drive. Players around the world might be able to drive the epic Stelvio Pass in Italy just like they did.

Of course like many things in GT6 this app and course maker are yet to come to the game. However things may have just changed. A commercial has surfaced indicating that the app and course maker are not just talk, but are actually real! In the typical Gran Turismo fashion it doesn’t say a date or really any information, but if there is a commercial they must be getting ready to release it (hopefully) soon. This could be a totally new way to play racing games that changes things forever. No longer needing to wait for Polyphony Digital to release new tracks, but instead just drive there yourself and share it with the world.