How to transfer photos from PS3 to PC (or mac)

Transferring photos from a PS3 to a PC or mac is actually very easy and can be done in a few minutes. Many games like GT5 or GT6 let you take photos from the game and export it later to share with your friends or edit in photoshop. For this example I’ll explain how to do it from GT6 in 10 simple steps since I hold a Submission Sunday contest on the Team Shmo Facebook page and get many questions about this. Start at step 5 if you aren’t transferring from GT6 like in the example.

  1. Go to photo mode to take pictures or do a race. If doing a race watch the replay and pause for to get the camera button to appear.
  2. Click the button to enter camera mode to take pictures. See my GT6 photography guide on how to take the best photos if you need help.
  3. Exit the photo mode or race you were in after you have taken some shots you are happy with
  4. Go to the far left where it says “gallery” and go down to the photos tab
  5. Select the photos you want and export them to the main PS3.
  6. Exit the game to the main PS3 interface
  7. Get a USB Thumb drive (my favorite one) (can be USB 2.0 or 3.0) and put it in the PS3
  8. Go to photos and the folder you want where the pictures you just exported are (will be the most recent/last folder). Select the ones you want to copy
  9. IMPORTANT copy to the USB drive, but make sure you hit rename and copy for all of them. If you hit overwrite it will just keep overwriting all your photos and just save the last one which obviously isn’t what you want.
  10. After that put the USB in a computer and all the photos are under the “Picture” folder which it creates. You can do what you want with them now.
  • SgtStig

    I’m glad you did this page. I learned this trick years ago and it has proved invaluable to me. I have GT6 and GT5 wallpapers on all my devices.

    • Yes it’s pretty important and useful. It’s not too hard but a lot of people didn’t know how.

  • Steven Sevarns

    I know your ps3 is broken, but when it is fixed, could you do a top speed tune for the mercedes benz VGT? The one you get as a gift. Just turning the top speed to the max, and the final gear to 2, i got it to 312. That’s my fastest top speed so far, other than the supra, 313, but it didnt count it.

    • I will try it out when I can

  • Enzo

    Question, how do you transfer photos from a PS3 to a mobile device?

    • I would suggest the same way as the article says only buy a OTG USB cable to be able to plug the USB stick into your phone. If you a have an Apple product you need their USB adapter cable.

      • Enzo

        Thanks! I’ll try it! I’ve been dying to upload some epic pictures (and some pics of Easter eggs)!

        • Looking forward to seeing them.