Aston Martin One-77

The paragraph below talks about just how amazing the Aston Martin One-77 is and how awesome this new site is. However the day I wrote that everything changed. I bought this car months and months ago and have been slowly working on a great tune for it. I took the pictures for it a long time ago as well and won the Reddit Gran Turismo banner and side bar contest with them (at the time). I planned on releasing this new site design to everyone with this awesome car as the first new tune added as a bit of a celebration. I had the tune all ready when I decided to try it just one last time and figured I could make a couple more tiny edits to make it even better. I walk away from my PS3 for about 10min with GT6 on pause to come back to see my PS3 totally dead. After looking into it, it quickly became apparent my PS3 has finally YLOD never to work again. We are talking about literally 1hr away from showing all of you the new site and putting this tune up and this happens. It was the most disappointing day ever. I couldn’t just release a tune I knew I could make better to celebrate the new site and was forced to set it aside as I dealt with fixing my PS3. I have tried everything to get it to work again, but literally nothing has worked. Worst part is the GT6 game was stuck inside the dead system and would not eject no matter what I did. As you will see from the picture below I had to make the hard choice of opening it up to get it out. It was a very long and difficult journey, but I learned a lot and eventually fixed my PS3, got my game out, got all my saves etc off, and moved to a brand new PS3 without losing anything! I had every single problem you could have in this process and will be writing a guide soon so show exactly what I did and so other do not make the same mistakes I did. However all the problems are gone now (hopefully) and things should be back to normal. Once I got everything running again I made the few changes to this tune that I had planned long ago and it now is worthy of this site.

open ps3

If you have been using Team Shmo for the last few years you will clearly notice our brand new site! The only car I can think of to introduce the new site is the Aston Martin one-77. It is crazy rare with only 77 made, hence the name and it looks gorgeous. I personally have never seen one in real life, auto shows, even videos of it on the streets are hard to come by. With a car this nice I couldn’t just put any regular paint on it either. I had to go with the rose gold. It’s one of the most expensive paint options in GT6 and even more in real life. I only know of 3-5 cars in the entire world with it (in real life it’s a rose gold wrap). Aston Martin always makes beautiful cars, but this one is truly special and now has a tune to back it up. Very fast car that handles great. It’s pretty surprising to drive as you expect all the power to really shock you but it’s rather gentle the way the power hits the wheels. Don’t let it fool you tho it still has over 1200hp making it one of the highest hp cars in the entire game.

I have included a video of a review on a real one that really must be watched to get the true feel for the car and how special it is.

Car Aston Martin One-77
Drivetrain FR
Horsepower 1221HP/8400rpm
Torque 873.9 ft-lb/8400rpm
Weight 1305 kg
Miles 22.2
Performance Points 652


Best of all parts with spoiler, racing breaks and optional nos. Racing soft tires.


NOS 50%
Downforce xx/20
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


Set top speed, gears, final

1st 4.127
2nd 2.447
3rd 1.687
4th 1.257
5th 0.977
6th 0.767
Final 3.907
Top Speed 311mph (500kmph)


Initial xx 7
Accel xx 7
Braking xx 37


Ride Height 85 87
Spring Rate 9.67 9.97
Compression 7 7
Extension 5 5
Anti-Roll 2 2
Camber 1.2 1.0
Toe -0.27 0.37


Brake Balance 1 1
  • SgtStig

    Under what paint style is rose gold and how do I get it?

    • It’s a chrome paint and is only from seasonal events. Not sure when they will have it again. It’s also not called rose gold in the game.

      • SgtStig

        I may have it from the Preorder DLC. Also could you do an MP4-12C race tune? I ran 6:58 round the ‘Ring with only racing brakes and Sports soft tires. I would love to see what it it could with your handiwork.

        • I been working on one but it’s not perfect yet

          • SgtStig


  • Hankskillzone

    Hey I was wondering if you can do a top speed tune for the zonda with the v12 engine. I have mine going 294 on its own and iv got up to 325 in a draft.

    • I plan on doing many more Zonda tunes. I am not sure if I will make a top speed version of that car. I’ll probably play around with all of them and see which can be the fastest

  • David Decker

    hey shmo, I know you don’t do requests but if you find the time would like some help with a drift tune. I started to build a 300C because I though I would be funny a good goof. not as funny as the Volvo or Honda van though but still. In turn it actually is pushing 800 plus hp and the tune on it now racks up hella points quickly but slides wide or spins out during any real good line or “money shot” that being said I think as I hate to say it has potential to put big points up and become a nice drifter. I have been enjoying alot of your drift tunes but idk what to do I need your help. I have read your guidelines but can seem to get it right. Please help. Thanks!

    • Make the suspension softer all around and set the anti roll bars to 1 or 2 for both. This should help absorb the bumps instead of sliding you off the track.

  • David Decker

    I switched the anti roll bars to 2 on both and that helped a lot also I changed the final gear a little so its not wrapped out everytime and it drifts a lil smoother now its heavy with a lot of power so some corners I have to be real delicate on the gas. That being said thanks for the help and the great tunes. Btw I am a fan of the realistic lower power cars myself and even though the 73′ skyline holds my highest score at the redbull ring the 70′ is by far the most beautiful and near to my heart lol. its my baby. lol

    • I’ll try the anti roll bars and see if I notice a big difference or not. The final I’m thinking or changing myself. On nurburgring it hits the limit right at the end and has a lot more to give even after 250mph. Is the Skyline you are talking about for racing or drift record? I think I made a drift tune for that car already.

  • David Decker

    yes your drift tune for the 1973 skyline I use. it has my personal record drift score at the redbull ring. with the changes you suggested for my Chrysler 300C I have come a very close second to it almost had it beat just shy of a few hundred points. I have also used that skyline tune I think you are referring to and it is a beast too. I think I commented with my nurburg time on that post you made with that skyline. I think it was like 7 mins and something with fatal crashes lol..

    • lol I hate the fatal crashes too. Especially when I am having a great lap and a small slip up sends me into the wall

      • David Decker

        lol rite! but sometimes you get a pretty wicked ariel display. that’s always a bonus lol

  • Keshu Rao

    I know what you did there, lot of 7s.