One of the most frustrating things about Gran Turismo 6 tuning is that parts cost a ton of money. Everyone just wants to bolt on every single parts they can and turn their car into a monster. Although this is fun it can’t always be done with all the pp and hp restrictions etc. That is why it is very important to pick the exact parts you need to win and nothing more.


By far the biggest expense is gonna be the price of the actual car. Just because a car cost $100,000 doesn’t mean you couldn’t of got the same performance out of a $30,000 car with a few small adjustments. Mine as well save all the cash you can to spend on your favorite car rather than a car you might use only for one race. The best way to decide what car to get is look what future races you need to do. For example If you need a 500pp car now and in the future there is a race for a 90’s Japanese car and a FR race it would be smart to buy a car that will work for all those categories. What you don’t wanna do is buy a BMW M3 and spend over $200,000 on it just to use it for one race and are forced to buy another car for the others (me…).


After you have selected your car the next thing to do is get some parts for it. Parts can get super expensive especially if your car was expensive to begin with. First thing you should do is try the car in the race you are trying to win. Maybe you will win right away and save yourself some cash. If you don’t at least you have a basic understanding of what the car is lacking. For example if the car doesn’t have enough power to compete with the others you should buy power parts. If the car does not handle very well then purchase suspension and/or tires etc. Basically buy what that specific car needs to make it able to win.

If you have read the Team Shmo FAQ you already know that an oil change should be done on every brand new car. It will add a decent amount of hp to your car and cost barely anything.

The best parts are the computer chip and the catalytic converter as they are very cheap and add a lot of hp. The also don’t add too much pp to your car which is great for heavy restriction races. To show you just how great of a deal they are my Lamborghini Diablo was able to get 50+ hp just from these two things alone and it only cost about $4000 while the full stage 3 engine upgrades added the same amount of hp for around $40,000. I just got the same amount of performance for a fraction of the cost. If you are tight on cash you can’t go wrong with getting them over anything else.


In my opinion if you car is lacking the ability to turn do not waste your money on anything other then the fully customized suspension. Yes it will be way more expensive and sometimes the same price as the car itself, but trust me it is worth it. This way you can adjust everything yourself for any track now and forever. It’s just a much better investment.


Same as the suspension. Get the fully customized one and pretend the others don’t even exist. I have a old Dodge Challenger that was totally stock and couldn’t get past 110mph with a max of 4 gears. I went on the cheap and got the 5 speed assuming and extra gear would be all I need. Took it for the exact same race and only got a max of 114mph. Totally wasted all that cash to barely go faster at all. So again just pay more for the fully custom version.


There isn’t gonna be a huge amount of choice here. Whatever the max allowed for a race is what you are gonna want to get. Only time you can save some cash and possibly get a better drive is if they allow you to use racing hard tires. I have found that racing hard do not heat up at all and you will slide everywhere. Saving some cash and sticking with sports soft has worked much better for me. My Diablo has a lot of power so I bought the racing hard tires since they were allowed, but it was much more insane to drive. I had a very hard time controlling it on the turns that I could easily do with sports soft. This may be a bug at this time however and could be fixed in a later update.