GT6 Drift Tutorial

A few Gran Turismo 6 drift tips so you can get the hang of it. This mini GT6 drift tutorial will give you the basics on how to start off. Drifting has become very popular in GT6 and many others games. So popular that pretty much every week there is a new drift seasonal even. I highly recommend you take a look at this guide and practise a lot at drifting. Drifting will also help your racing as it will teach you throttle control and how to control your car if it does start to lose control. You don’t have to be the best, but it helps to have some practice. All comments, critiques, or questions are welcome!


Always use manual transmission as you can tell the car when to shift. You can also downshift and brake to slow the car down faster if you entering a corner too quick. Which gear to enter a corner in is super important as too low the car isn’t making the turn and too high there’s too much power and you will over shoot it. Most cars can do 2nd for small corners and 3rd for longer ones. You will have to judge it for your self depending on the track tho. My tunes (sometimes) will state if it works better in a certain gear. It is very different for each car however since they all have different amounts of HP, torque, and number of gears, etc.


Pick tracks that have enough turns where you can get comfortable with your car and gives you the ability to drift there as a beginner, but room to be amazing as a pro. I personally use and recommend: Tsukuba (my ultimate fav and most recommend especially for starting out), SSR5, Autumn Ring mini and full, Cape Ring, Suzuka, and sometimes SSR7 for pros (I got 100,000 points here in one drift lol).Once you get more comfortable with drifting and pick out the car you are best in that is when the fun happens. Literally any track can be drifted and it can be done in one continues drift.


Comfort hard will give you the most slide making the car able to drift more and keep those tires spinning the whole time. If you choose sports tires remember that you will be able to go faster everywhere and don’t need to be as careful with how much throttle to give it to make the drift. If you are brand new to drift I would suggest sports hard to give you a feel for drifting, and once you have practiced enough move to comfort hard. There is also mixed. This is where the front tires are different from the rear. Usually cars with this setup will be very hard to drift, but once you put the mixed tires the car becomes a lot more stable and achieve the best drifts.


Pretty much anything you want, but rear wheeled drive is your best bet as the rear will focus on power and front on steering. You can use 4WD cars, but you have to put a 10/90 split on them to convert them as close as possible to rear wheeled. More power means better drifter, but start out basic with 300-500hp. They do not go as fast which gives you more time to think of what to do to make it drift and not crash. I offer lots of various cars to choose from that can be driven at any level just read the description. If it says anything about pros only and you are not a pro don’t even bother. I used to make some drift tunes with sports tires back in GT5, but I have stopped since GT6. If you can master drifting in comfort tires you can drift in anything. Some cars I suggest you try are the Nissan 350Z as it is great overall and very easy to maintain control, the BMW Z8 for more advanced drifters (check the video on it’s page to see me getting crazy with it), and the BMW Vision Gran Turismo for seasonal events. All the cars I make are great drift cars, but these are the recommended ones for those starting off and looking to progress. The BMW VGT in particular I have personally come in top 15 and top 10 in drift seasonals with.


I really have no idea if it’s better or not to add a spoiler to a drift car lol. I would think you don’t want the down force since the rear needs to be lose to drift around the corner. I only add a spoiler to my cars if it just looks better with one since looks are a big part in drift even tho they don’t do anything. If you do buy one set it to the lowest to make it just car parts and not that functional.


There are a few choices and which one to choose depends more on the car.

  1. Easiest is hit the hand brake and then on the gas which throws your car sideways every time
  2. Start to turn and slam on the gas causing massive over steer and makes you drift.
  3. Turn the opposite way first then into the corner and hit the gas again causing over steer making you drift.

No one or the other is better and the best is using all 3, it just depends more on the turn.


This is pretty important as if you go too fast your off the track and if you go to slow your not gonna drift the full turn. Go slow and focus on making the drift and where and when to turn in at first. If using sports tires you can slam pretty hard onto the gas the whole way through, but as the cars get more powerful or using comfort tires you have to pay much more attention on how much gas to apply. All you have to do is turn in and begin the drift and if your slow hit the gas a bit, once you start to get to sideways or look like your gonna go off the track ease of the gas. It’s not that hard once you try it a few times just use common sense if your gonna go off the track slow down if your too slow speed up. You need to counter steer away from the drift and how much to tun depends on how sideways you are. If the back is starting to look like it might go ahead of the front resulting in a spin then steer hard to keep the car maintained in the drift. If you are drifting just fine you may not need to steer at as hard or sometimes at all it just depends on how you entered.

Most important rule about drifting
If you have never spun out, your not drifting