GT6 Best Drift Track

I get this question all the time. What is the best drift track in Gran Turismo 6? Well, I am about to share with you what I think is the ultimate drift track as well as a few other spectacular tracks to drift at. Also, if you are not the best at drifting check out my how to drift guide and how to make GT6 drift tunes guide.


Tsukuba gt6

This is my personal favourite GT6 drift track of all time. I am sure you all have seen loads of drift rooms using this track, and for good reason. The key to a good drift track is having them small enough to be able to connect all the corners while drifting and to have a variety of different turns to keep things fun. This track has some tight turns, some medium turns, a long straight, and a very large turn. It’s just the perfect combo of everything and works well for a wide variety of cars.

Special Stage Route 5 (SSR5)

Special Stage Route 5 (SSR5) gt6

This is another excellent drift track for all the same reasons as Tsukuba, but it’s in a different location. I love drifting in the city and at night. It looks really cool watching the lights as well as the smoke at night time. Just check the video I made there and I guarantee you’ll think it looks awesome too.

Autumn Ring mini

Autumn Ring mini gt6

I really like the regular Autumn Ring as well, but the mini is just easier for most people. It’s very small, which makes it fun to get multiple laps in for practising it. The fall setting is also really nice to look at when drifting. I have taken some of my best drift photos at this location.

Cape Ring

Cape Ring gt6

This one is a little different than the ones above. The large version can be quite difficult, but the smaller version is sometimes too easy. More professional drifters will like being able to really test all their drift skills here as it has all sorts of different types of turns. Small tracks are great, but drifting becomes a lot harder when you are trying to drift a large track. You have to remember where you screwed up and fix the error on the next lap. The longer the track is the more chance you’ll forget what error you made on a particular turn. However, the added skill needed for the larger version is also what makes it more fun.


Suzuka gt6

I like all the variations, but obviously the smaller version will be the easiest. A lot of people like to drift this track online because it’s cool to have a bunch of players in a line all tandeming. It’s a perfect track for that because you can see really far ahead and you are basically going straight. The tire smoke goes on forever and all you can see is tail lights in front and headlights behind you. If you haven’t tried it before, head online and enter a Suzuka drift room to have some fun.

What Not to Pick

Those are my personal favourites and I’m sure most people’s favourites too, but what if you want to drift somewhere else? You can drift anywhere you want as long as you have the skill, but there are some tracks that just aren’t fun. Basically, anything with major elevation is not going to be that good of a track to pick. You won’t be able to control the drift the entire time, and while spinning out is a part of drifting, it becomes extremely frustrating and not fun if it happens too much.

Another type of track to avoid is anything too straight. A medium sized long straight can be fun to drift on, but when they are too long it becomes boring. Some people don’t even drift the straights either, but instead just drive them, which defeats the entire point of drifting. For example, a track like Route X would be horrible for drifting. It is so long, the turns are horrible to maintain a drift, it’s just not a good location at all.

Ultimate Drift Track

nurburgring gt6

You have just read my favourites and read some tips as to tracks to avoid, but there is one track that goes against the norm. That track is the infamous Nurburgring. There are many Nurburgring variations, but the main one is Nordschleife (not 24hr). This track has elevation, super long straights, the turns are too far to connect easily, it is just horrible. However, that is what makes it the ultimate skill tester. If you can drift the entire Nurburgring consecutively, you can rest assured that your drift skills are world class. Remember though, it only counts if you drift the entire thing in one shot without crashing or stopping. I have tried many times and it is very difficult to maintain focus for the length of the track. Also, the car and tune you like to use may be great for smaller tracks, but horrible for this track. It takes the perfect drifter, car, and tune to pull it off. Think your skills are up to par? Give it a shot for yourself.