Easy Money in Gran Turismo Sport

Getting credits or making money from Gran Turismo Sport is easy. Even though the number of vehicles in Gran Turismo Sport is less than the previous editions, a collection of cars continues to remain a vital aspect of GT Sport. Upon completion of the Daily Workout along with the different campaigns and challenges you will be rewarded with a brand new car. However, you will not have the option to select the reward as the prize vehicles are rewarded at random. The problem now becomes how to earn credits in the quickest amount of time?

Gran Turismo Sport offers many different ways to increase and amount of credits. When you complete a match in Arcade, Sport, and Campaign mode you receive credits against completion. Because most people perceive GT Sport to be a multiplayer competition it is falsely believed that the Sport matches bring in the most credits. On the contrary, playing multiplayer Sport matches is the slowest way to earn credits! Additionally, the chances of winning in a Sport game are lesser as you play against real players, and the further you are away from the first position, the lesser credits you will get.

Campaign Mode Circuit Experience

The best and fastest way to multiply your credits in Gran Turismo Sport is to play the Campaign mode Circuit Experience. In this category, each time you win the gold you receive a reward of 40,000 credits! The only problem is it is not super easy for a beginner to get a great ranking in this mission. You can’t turn on as many auto-drive features, but you can still use the driving line assists and the accurate braking indicator to your advantage.  Of course, the more you practice the better you will get, and the more money you will make.

Arcade Mode Custom Races

Another alternative to increase your credits is playing the Arcade mode Custom Races. When you customize your race experience your credits adjust to it. Customizations like how many laps you choose, how many cars are racing, what type of race is it, the time limit you set, and other factors all cumulatively affect your total credit reward. If you set everything to the hardest difficulties you can earn millions of credits, for example. Obviously, you will have to be quite good to do this, but it is a possibility.

Mission Challenge or Driving School

The last but not least alternative to earning big money is completing the races in the Mission Challenge or Driving School. Like the above example, harder challenges wil learn you more credits.

These are the easiest ways I have found so far to earn money fast in GT Sport. Have you found another way? Please share with us in the comments if you did!