Physics Change in Latest 1.07 GT Sport Update

Although we were promised a December update that would bring many changes a mini update came first. On paper, this update does not seem to bring a lot of changes, but is classified as an “emergency update”.

However, what exactly “emergency update” means is not totally clear. There are a few changes in the v1.07 patch such as “control management for the TCS will be adjusted to raise stability at corner exits with throttle ON”. As well as many small changes to improve stability of cars. I assume the “emergency” part is hidden in the “other minor fixes” part.

Other than minor changes, Daily Races have been slightly changed as well.

  • Daily Race A: Hosted every 15 minutes, 3 races per hour.
  • Daily Race B: Hosted every 15 minutes, 3 races per hour.
  • Daily Race C: Hosted every 25 minutes, 2 races per hour.

We will still wait for the larger December update, but at least it is good to see Polyphony Digital sending out updates. Also, I’m sure this won’t be the last mini update to help improve things. GT Sport is still very new and they are getting a lot of data to look at right now. I am excited to see what future updates bring.

Source: GT Sport