Gran Turismo Sport Will Not Make November 2016 Release

The much anticipated game, Gran Turismo Sport, was set to be released in November 2016, but will now be delayed. The exact date of release is yet to be determined, but they have said hopefully sometime in 2017.

Kazunori Yamauchi, Founder of Polyphony Digital, and Creator of Gran Turismo has said:

As we approach our planned release date in November, we realize we need more time to perfect GT Sport, which we’ve already dedicated so much effort towards since announcing the title

He also goes on to talk about how GT Sport is the most ambitious game they have ever made. It features PlayStation VR support, a much more in-depth photomode called Scapes, an eSports ranking system, and much more.

I admire their innovation, and can see there is definitely a lot more work to do than the average game. However, I am definitely disappointed that GT Sport will not release in 2016, yet I am not shocked at all. If you have been following the Gran Turismo series for as long as I have you would of expected at least one delay. I am sure that is also why they didn’t give a new exact 2017 date. It would of missed that one too…

Currently, Amazon still has the GT Sport pre-order listed as November 2016, but I expect that to change shortly.

Source: PlayStation

  • SgtStig

    Yep very sad. More sad since I picked up Assetto Corsa yesterday and was a bit disappointed by it.

    • That’s bad news all around for you yesterday lol

  • Kaido Zonda

    I don’t understand Polyphony anymore. I mean they are going to do a stupid amount of updates like they always do, so why the hell does it matter? According to Kaz, his simulators are never 100% of what they could be. Just release the damn game like you said you were going to so you can keep fans of the series happy, not contingent.

  • Kaido Zonda

    I’m not saying to rush the title, just be honest and sure about when you are releasing the game. We already have to wait 3 long years between titles so quit adding to it.

    • I assume it’s not close to ready. Probably filled with bugs. Nothing is worse than getting a game that you can barely play and have to wait for patches. However, I’m sure they’ll have a game that works fine, but has less features than promised and those features will slowly roll out over the course of the year.

      • Kaido Zonda

        I understand, but they should be 100% sure that the release date is obtainable. Tired of being pushed to the back of the line.

        • Well, I assume they did think they could make it at the time. However, they haven’t ever made one lol, so they should really give themselves an extra year to be safe from now on.