Fastest VS Slowest Car

This video is just for fun since we all know who the clear winner will be. The battle is between the fastest car in the game, SRT Tomahawk, VS the slowest car in the game, Citroen 2CV. The Tomahawk obviously destroys the 2CV, and couldĀ of probably done four laps to the the 2CV’s one. The differences between driving the cars are also quite shocking. I usually don’t go directly from one extreme to the other. You are on your toes at all times in the Tomahawk. It is hard to focus on anything else but driving as it is so mentally exhausting. The 2CV on the other hand is so boring to drive. I almost did an entire lap with the Tomahawk before it even reached the second corner.

I do like both cars looks, however. The all carbon SRT Tomahawk obviously looks amazing, but the 2CV also looks cool. I really like its matt black roof that swoops down the entire back of the car. I painted mine a special white and gave it matt black wheels just for fun. Also, if anyone is wondering, I fully maxed out the 2CV after the race and it doesn’t get much better. It is slightly more fun to drive, but it is a pretty pointless car as it can’t keep up with anything. Again, this race was just for fun and nothing more.