Porsche GT3 RS Driving in GT Sport!

We are all excited to drive a Porsche inside a Gran Turismo game, but you can’t do it just yet. There is no official release date for GT Sport at the moment, but at least you can watch someone else drive one.

A new trailer has been released showing not one, but two Porsche GT3 RS’ driving around the Nurburgring. Yes, it is awesome! The trailer goes all the way to 4K resolution, so be sure to switch up to it if you have a 4K screen. Even at lower resolution the game looks great. It makes me want to drive the Porsche GT3 RS so much!

Porsche GT3 RS driving at the Nurburgring

As you can see in the video, the footage is of one Porsche chasing another. Later it shows exterior shots of the cars driving as well. I’m very excited about getting to drive a Porsche, but I would like to hear your thoughts? There is no music/voice over playing, which gives you a much better idea of how the game will sound. Do you think they have improved the sounds from GT6, what do you think of the graphics, are you excited about Porsche? Share all your comments below!