TVR Tamora ’02

I love all the TVR cars because they just look insane and beautiful at the same time. All the lights are built into the bodywork, they have crazy splitters or defusers, and they always have awesome paint. Usually they are just decent cars, however, this one is a little different. This car is so light! Just look at the weight vs HP, it is insane. Most cars with that much HP weigh at least double. If you have a long enough straight I am sure you can hit 200mph in this car. Pretty crazy for something so small with only a little over 500hp. Also, it drives really well, and I mean really well. It feels better than rails. More like riding on a laser beam. It can step out on your if you aren’t paying attention, but after a couple laps you’ll master it and be amazed.

I used sports soft tires for a little more fun to let the back wiggly, but used racing soft for that serious precision. Try it out and you’ll see what I mean right away.

Car TVR Tamora ’02
Drivetrain FR
Horsepower 536HP/7500rpm
Torque 391 ft-lb/6500rpm
Weight 886 kg
Miles 12.6
Performance Points 570


Best of all parts. I am using sports soft tires for fun, or racing soft for precision.


Downforce 0/20
Weight Balance xx/xx
Power Limiter 100%


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st 3.422
2nd 2.224
3rd 1.601
4th 1.204
5th 0.943
Final 3.175
Top Speed 180mph (290kmph)


Initial xx 11
Accel xx 28
Braking xx 17


Ride Height 75 75
Spring Rate 6.95 6.45
Compression 3 3
Extension 5 5
Anti-Roll 3 3
Camber 0.5 1.5
Toe -0.10 0.40


Brake Balance 4 4
  • Nate Silver

    i was just in the market for a non expensive European car and I think I just found it

    • It’s definitely a good one and looks good too

      • Nate Silver

        just bought the Mitsubishi HSR-II ’89 and boy howdy is it a track beast but has major understeer. think you can take a whack at the car?

  • Henrique Bezerra da Silva

    Do you think if we drop it to 550 would ruined the tune?