Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG ’10

Everyone knows the SLS and what a monster it is. No one thought the beast could be tamed, but luckily for all of you it has been done! For those of you unaware the Mercedes SLS is basically a toned down version of the Mercedes Benz SLR. Usually Mercedes makes luxury sedans, but the Mercedes Benz SLR mclaren and Mercedes Benz SLS are some of the fastest and nicest looking cars money can buy. I tested this tune at many tracks and was super impressed by it. I had no trouble controlling it everywhere I went and it still maintained very quick laps. I am sure you will also be extremely impressed by it as well and so will everyone else when you smoke them online.

A message from the creator Jonathan Glanville. A brief story on this tune. During my time playing GT5 everyone I raced with online said that the SLS AMG is by far the hardest car to tune and therefore refused to use. My personal belief is very similar to your’s and that no car can’t be tuned. So I set forth upon a quest to tune this 800+ hp behemoth. After finally finding race tunes for the real GT3 race car, I then started my tuning. At first the results were poor, it spun every corner, traction was at a lost. I couldn’t place torque down on the ground like I wanted to. I added everything to the ridiculous wing in that game. Finally it started gripping, straight-aways had been mastered, but how about turning? I chose to use Nurburgring to finish off the tuning. After about four months of playing with the suspension I found a set up that actually worked. “The Beast” was born or so my racing buddies had nicknamed it. At 1.37 g on the take off for 0-60, it plastered as 2.3 second acceleration. So I brought this tune over to GT6 and made a few tweaks to the suspension once more. Aptly named in German “Der Jagdhund” (the Hunting Hound) this SLS is a monster to behold.

Posted by  . Pics of the very nice black mercedes car are by nbdesignz

Car Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG ’10
Drivetrain FR
Horsepower 884HP/7600rpm
Torque 725.5 ft-lb/7600rpm
Weight 1297 kg
Miles 23
Performance Points ??


Best of all parts with spoiler and optional nos.


Downforce xx/215
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


Set top speed, gears, final

1st 3.997
2nd 2.440
3rd 1.690
4th 1.271
5th 0.985
6th 0.822
7th 0.703
Final 3.826
Top Speed 267mph (430kmph)


Initial xx 15
Accel xx 40
Braking xx 20


Ride Height 90 90
Spring Rate 12.50 14.25
Compression 6 4
Extension 10 6
Anti-Roll 4 4
Camber 0.7 0.5
Toe 0.00 0.23


Brake Balance 6 5