Subaru IMPREZA Coupe 22B-STÌ Version ’98 500pp

This car is primarily for the current seasonal event “Subaru Impreza Super Lap” at Matterhorn Riffelsee however is still a good 500pp car and can be used anywhere. This event is super difficult because of the huge hill and tight turns. I tried other people’s tunes, but nothing was helping me win. If you know me, I never accept defeat and was determined to beat this event. In the past being very light has always been the key to winning events. I made this car as light as possible and have as much power as possible with the right parts. I promise you this car can get the gold without SRF, however if you just want to win and get it over with SRF makes things a lot easier. I played the Ferrari FXX challenge for a few days and I was only 0.020 away from the gold with this car that I was too feed up and turned on SRF. I forget the exact time, but I came a few seconds below what you need for the gold which is obviously more then enough to win.

A few tips I found were keep to the inside track before you reach the hill and make sure your braking time is perfect. If you wait to long the tires will heat up when you reach the other side making you skid off the track. Also a lot of corners are easier when you brake hard and let the car coast around the turn then hit the gas. You can take turns much faster that way. I am also using a controller so this might be different if you use a wheel since you have more control over small movements. As a bonus I also have a full powered version if you want to take things to the max.

Also, just a bonus, I used this car to make a 360 degree image. Click and drag the screen around. If on mobile please view in the YouTube app and even better if you have a Google Cardboard.

Car Subaru IMPREZA Coupe 22B-STÌ Version ’98
Drivetrain 4WD
Horsepower 351HP/6400rpm
Torque 333.3 ft-lb/3400rpm
Weight 1039 kg
Miles 48.3
Performance Points 500


ONLY parts needed are all lightening parts, sports computer, exhaust manifold, catalyic converter, intake tuning, and sports hard tires. Must add a spoiler. I did NOT do an oil change. If you did just lower the power until 500pp.


Downforce 0/20
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 95.4% (until you hit 500pp)


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st 3.341
2nd 2.317
3rd 1.800
4th 1.458
5th 1.233
6th 1.051
Final 3.195
Top Speed 112


Initial 10 12
Accel 23 26
Braking 12 16


Front Rear 24 76


Ride Height 95 93
Spring Rate 6.17 5.59
Compression 4 3
Extension 6 7
Anti-Roll 3 4
Camber 0.8 0.6
Toe -0.06 -0.10


Brake Balance 5 6