Lamborghini Diablo GT ’00 full power

I already made a Lamborghini Diablo GT ’00 tune a long time ago, but it was for way less power. Now I have decided to go back to it with a fully maxed out monster tune. I did not know this car had over 1000hp! The less hp version was hard to drive and had to really watch what were doing so you can just imagine how tricky the max out version can be. Took me a long time to get a car that was actually drivable. Luckily for you guys I used my drag tune knowledge on the suspension to make it absorb a lot of the power. This is a car for people who really wanna have fun and test their driving skills. Smallest mistake and it’s into the wall. I personally love that and drive this car all the time because of it. Driving isn’t as fun when you have a car that acts like a go kart easily going around every corner.

P.S. got some more awesome shots on the Team Shmo Tumblr

EDIT: Updated it on August 4th, 2015 to make it a bit easier to drive.

It is now a lot easier to control while still maintaining the Diablo soul. I Suggest giving it a few laps to get the hang of it as the car still is an MR and still has huge torque at high RPM. Always have to watch the brakes and how much gas to use. It’s still one of my favourite cars to drive as it takes some skill yet still is fun.

Car Lamborghini Diablo GT ’00
Drivetrain MR
Horsepower 1056HP/8400rpm
Torque 703.3 ft-lb/6900rpm
Weight 1281 kg
Miles 666.6
Performance Points 648


Best of everything else. I’m using racing soft tires. Add a spoiler and racing brakes


Nos  0
Downforce 0/20
Weight Balance 0/0
Power Limiter 100%


Set it top speed, gears, final

1st 3.296
2nd 1.974
3rd 1.319
4th 0.995
5th 0.767
Final 3.300
Top Speed 193mph (310kmph)


Initial xx 5
Accel xx 24
Braking xx 50


Ride Height 69 73
Spring Rate 11.51 14.57
Compression 6 4
Extension 4 2
Anti-Roll 3 1
Camber 1.3 1.7
Toe -0.40 0.70


Brake Balance 2 2