Very Minor Updates for Patch 1.21 in Gran Turismo Sport

The last couple updates for Gran Turismo Sport have not been too exciting. Usually there are new cars and/or tracks added, but this one, and the last one are just minor changes.

When you load up the game, you will first see the GT World Tour Nürburgring event like in their YouTube videos. This also mentions the FIA championship that was just announced.

Other than that, there is an update to the height of interior of the Nissan R92CP, which was brought into the game a couple weeks ago. Also, an Audi R8 4.2 FSI R tronic ’07 “wheel glitch” fix. The steering wheel in this car would get corrupted while driving if using the cockpit view. Luckily now that issue is gone.

That is literally it for this update. Just minor bug fixes. I didn’t even bother writing an article for the last update, patch 1.20, because it was even smaller changes. Basically, all minor changes that you wouldn’t even notice.

Since these last couple updates have been rather lackluster, I hope that means they are working on something big for us soon. There is still one more week in June for a larger update, but they may be waiting for July when schools get out for summer vacation to release it.