New VGT Cars and Major Problems!

The latest GT6 update is out and brings with it two new VGT cars and a big problem when it comes to tuning. I’m gonna talk a bit about the new cars first and list the problem near the end. Article will be updated when I hear more.

The first car is the Lexus LF LC GT Vision GT which is a hybrid similar to many other of the Vision cars. Very sharp looks that are similar to their production cars, but also to the Toyota FT-1 concept that we saw a few months back. Toyota owns Lexus so it isn’t really a shock that the two would look so similar in design. It sounds more like an F1 car with a higher RPM engine noise. You can really hear the engine screaming at the highest RPM right before you shift gears. Once you win the seasonal event you can pick between a few colors and one really special one. As you can see from the video it it is white with silver lines that have a rainbow effect in the light. It’s hard to explain, but awesome to look at. Unfortunately it doesn’t have an interior view which I know many of you guys will be upset about, but  the cool paint hopefully makes up for it. It handles alright, but gets very tail happy out of the corners. If you step on the gas just a little too hard the tires will spin like crazy and the back will start sliding around. I controlled it pretty well, but there were a few parts that just got too crazy

The second car is actually technically two cars. The Alpine Vision GT comes in blue and orange and a second car that comes in white and blue (can get in matt black and orange for this one too). You can win both on separate season events. They drive exactly the same and the design is super futuristic. The coolest part about these cars is the side air brakes. Many modern super cars have rear spoilers that lift up when you stomp on the brakes to provide more downforce acting as a air break. The Alpine concept cars have pieces that come out from the side of the car to do the same thing. I don’t think I have seen this done on any car before and it looks really cool when you watch the replay. Both are easy to drive and feel more like race cars than normal sports cars in their handling ability. Haven’t heard much from Alpine making their own cars for years, but it’s great to see them back at it. There is also talk of them making a new car in real life that will be coming out shortly.

Now for the bad news. Like many GT6 updates they come with a few bugs. This one is a bit bigger than the others. It kills all transmission tunes! If you have set a custom transmission on your car which I know you have if you are visiting this site the new update will erase it and reset it back to default. This isn’t being reported to be a problem online however which is good, but effects everything else. Right now I suggest no one try to play the actual game other than the online since your transmission will have to be set again later. Literally any car you try to drive will have it reset. Not sure when another update will be out to fix this, but Gran Turismo is aware of the problem and said they are working on it. I will keep you updated when there is a fix coming. Once I hear anything more I will update this article and post it on the Team Shmo Twitter. Be sure to follow. For now there is a thread on GTPlanet of others reporting their problems.


From the GTPlanet thread a user reports:

“I’ve done a quick session of testing. It was rather quick-fire but I think I’ve got the jist of it.
Tested all offline. Free roam, Arcade, Career, and even B-Spec. All are bugged.
Tested online. Seasonals are bugged. But Open lobby seems to be the only one to survive the bug. I steered clear of Quick Match because I can’t quickly test, plus it affects other players.
It seems it will hold any setting you like except for the final step of ‘flipping’. From my quick tests it holds any and every setting until the final move of Final Gear. So you can initially move FG, adjust max speed, adjust individual gears, and it’s all good. Once you make the final move and adjust FG to where you want it, hit the track and the max.speed and FG reset themselves to default values. And of course individual gears can probably no longer fit inside the new range so they are also altered.
Will get it reported ASAP.”


Basically if you set the final gear on the transmission last it will reset the entire transmission settings. I set ALL my tunes Top speed, Gears, Final meaning everything will reset to default if you try to tune your car. This is only a problem offline and you can still tune cars for online use. Any offline use of new tunes OR previously tuned cars will have their transmission’s reset. Gran Turismo is aware of the bug and says they are working on a fix. Gran Turismo has also let out a press release confirming the issues.

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