PlayStation VR GT Sport Bundle Released

For those who didn’t already know, Gran Turismo Sport is PlayStation VR compatible. However, those on the fence about getting a PSVR, or GT Sport can now get both in the new bundle. If you were already planning on buying both this is the perfect combo for you.

If you haven’t already seen, GT Sport features some of the best graphics around. The cars look and sound real, and the PSVR will only enhance that real life racing experience. Get your self a racing wheel too, and it will feel just like you are in the car. Being able to actually turn your head to see other cars around you is just awesome.


Put yourself in the driver’s seat with Gran Turismo Sport on PlayStation®VR and challenge yourself in the ultimate racing experience. Experience racing in new and extraordinary ways. Turn your head and aim towards the apex as you enter the corner. Confidently throttle down as you look ahead at the exit to a blind corner. The future of motorsport is with PlayStation®VR.

The PSVR GT Sport bundle includes a PSVR Headset, PS4 camera, and Gran Turismo Sport. There is another bundle with two PlayStation Move controllers, but you won’t need them for GT Sport, which is why they aren’t included. You can buy them separately if you needed them for a different game, however. Of course, you will still need a PS4, and for the full experience a racing wheel and racing wheel stand.

Let me know in the comments if you are interested in getting this bundle, or if you already have the PSVR? I haven’t tried GT Sport in VR, but I would imagine it is an awesome experience.