Mercedes Vision Gran Turismo will be next Batmobile!

This is pretty crazy news. The Mercedes-Benz Vision Gran Turismo Concept will be the new Batmobile in the upcoming Justice League movie. The Mercedes VGT is concept car made exclusively for Gran Turismo, and is not currently, or ever will be for sale. However, this makes it perfect for a movie car. Just like James Bond Spectre did with the Aston Martin DB 10, the Mercedes VGT is a very futuristic concept car that is perfect for a superhero figure.

Mercedes said the original 2013 VGT concept car had to be slightly altered to be used in the movie. It is now 10% larger than before, and now has a real interior. The car had to be made larger to accommodate Batman actor, Ben Affleck, who is 6’4″. Also, the interior was obviously made because they will be filming inside of the car and it will need to be on camera. This is great for GT Sport fans as the interior view will hopefully be featured in the new Gran Turismo Sport game. However, they said it still maintains its 577hp V8 engine, and of course, insane concept car looks.

If you are excited to watch Batman drive the Vision Gran Turismo in Justice League, you can will be able to do so in theaters on November 17.