Kazunori Yamauchi Shares his Thoughts on GT Sport

In a new video, Gran Turismo creator, Kazunori Yamauchi, has said that he has finally made his dream game with Gran Turismo Sport. He goes on to say that virtually everything about the game is exactly how he wants it. He even mentioned that he was big into how the car’s sound during the first few games, but was not as involved during the last few. However, with GT Sport, he was very involved to make sure the cars sound exactly like they should. Many people have complained over the last few years that the cars sound like vacuum cleaners, so this news should get players very excited. Check out the video below to see all of Kaz’s thoughts, behind the scenes, and many beautiful shots from GT Sport.

The video is very interesting as Kaz explains the process and the reason behind many features in GT Sport, and previous Gran Turismo games. One interesting fact was when Kaz talks about his love for photography and drawing of cars. I never understood why recent Gran Turismo games have such an in depth photomode, but now it makes sense. Photomode is the same as the rest of Gran Turismo, one man’s desire to share his love for cars with the world.

That is the biggest difference between the Gran Turismo series and other racing games. It is not just about getting a “cool” car and driving it around a track a few times. It is about the care and detail that goes into every aspect of the game.Things like the interiors of many cars getting fully made even when players can only see small parts of them. Gran Turismo is about going above and beyond what is needed, not just about making a profit.

That is the same philosophy I have when I make my Gran Turismo tunes for this site. It is not just about doing something the quickest, or the easiest in order to get things done. It is instead about making sure things get done exactly how you envisioned them. If I want a car to drive a certain way, I test it out until it’s what I’m looking for. If it isn’t working then the tune isn’t released.

A lot of people complain that Gran Turismo games take way too long to be released, including me because I want to play them, but I respect the dedication that is involved. Kaz is not the type of man to rush something to completion just because Sony executives, media outlets, or users tell him to. He sticks to his original dream and does not stop until it is exactly what he wanted. That reason alone has taken Gran Turismo from the best racing video game, to putting a few drives into real races car though GT Academy, and now to offering real racing license. Gran Turismo has changed the lives of many, and Gran Turismo Sport might just change video games forever.