New GT Sport Update Brings Lower Penalties

Another week, another new GT Sport update! Those of you who have played GT Sport for a while now already know about the penalty system. It has been tweaked, changed, and overall improved, but it still isn’t perfect. However, this latest update is said to address a lot of concerns.

A new change is drivers with high Driving Ratings (DR) will not be hit harder by penalties. This was kind of a scam before. You work really hard to get a high DR and now have to deal with harder penalties. Thankfully, all penalties will now be equal across the board.

Also, time penalties have been lowered, overall. They have not listed exact amounts of time, or for what they have been lowered to, but hopefully it is everything. Enough waiting and more racing is always better.

Finally, any light contact will not be counted as a penalty. Nothing was worse than just tapping someone and having to wait for the penalty time to run out. Although, I am not sure how far “light” contact really goes. Maybe a tap, maybe a scrape, but who knows how far you can push it? Either way, this is good news.