Bugs found in GT6

From time to time I and others find a few bugs in Gran Turismo 6. Everyone remembers the major GT6 bug that totally killed tuning. Normally the bugs get taken care of on the next update, but sometimes they do not. I’m gonna share a bug I found a little while ago which still hasn’t been fixed. I’m not sure if I’m the first to notice it or if it’s already known, but leave in the comments if it happens to you to.

Basically when you make a tune the best way to do it is with starting in settings A. Once you are happy, but feel it could be a bit better you copy the tune to B and keep tweaking until it’s perfect. If you made it better, but it could use a bit more work do the same thing only on settings C. This makes sure you don’t screw up your good tune by trying to make it a bit better because if it goes horribly wrong you still have the first tune saved.

Normally you won’t see any issues with this, but you will once you start to change the pp of your tune. For example a tune at 500pp and one at 550pp will be totally different parts. When you take off or add certain parts that’s when the chaos breaks out. I’ll add a part on A and take it off on B. It should save each separately, but it doesn’t. It also takes the part off on A. This screws you later when you want to use the high pp tune and it’s totally different from how you planned.

The parts I have found this happen with are engine tuning stage 1, 2, or 3 and weight reduction. Two super critical parts. It may happen with other parts as well, but nothing else that I have noticed. I have noticed the bug for a few months now and really hope it gets fixed, but let me know in the comments if you find this to be true for you as well or if you have found any other recent bugs?

  • Hankskillzone

    Ya that happens to me a lot and it should all be different for each tab.

    • I have many tunes for the same cars and it becomes super annoying.

  • Hankskillzone

    Even with drift tunes to.

  • MostWanted

    I got a bug which deleted my Suspension tune -__- i got a freakin fast tune for a Forf GT and now its gone -_-

    • How did that happen?

      • MostWanted

        Idk. After some tests i tryed it online and it was gone….

        • Only time that has happened to me was if I turned off my system before it had time to save.

  • Ignacio Romero

    RA Functions doesn’t work online

  • FriskyDingoKillFace

    I see your activity is a year old, but I’ll try anyways…Have you had any issues with the license test? Particularly IA-4 loading normally until the final START and it just keeps forever loading. Pressing circle brings it out of loading, but not out of that screen which requites ejecting the disc. I cleaned the disc with a high quality optical cloth and there are no scratches.

    • Hmm I haven’t noticed any other bugs. I’m not too sure how to fix that problem either, but if I hear anything else I’ll let you know.