New GT Sport 1.24 Update Fixes Various Issues

What has felt like barely any time, there is already a new Gran Turismo Sport update. This one isn’t even close to as big as the last one, but does bring some good changes. However, mostly all fixes from mistakes from the last update.

Many players have been complaining about various problems with the newly added Mercedes F1 car. Problems with braking, downshifting, and decal quality. The Honda S660 ’15’s number plate and Mazda 787B ’91 also had decal issues. In spit of the issues, you’ll be happy to know that all those problems have been taken care of, and things should work as expected.

There was also a pretty big issue with the single-player Circuit Experience leaderboards. People were scoring much better times before they installed the update then players trying it after. To resolve the issue, GT Sport ended up resetting the leaderboards, but that also got messed up. In the end, this new update should fix all the issues resolving leaderboards, and should now show accurate times.

Finally, a small issue was happening in Scapes where the driver wouldn’t change to your actual avatar driver. Even though “Change to Avatar Driver” was selected, users would not see their custom driver appear. This issue, too, has now been fixed.