BMW M3 Sport Evolution ‘89

This car is actually one of the most requests tunes! Who can blame them? It’s an amazing ride! The M3 Sport Evo, once tunes properly, will never disappoint!

Car: BMW M3 Sport Evolution ‘89

Track: Nurburgring GP (general track tune found here)

Time: 3:04.686

Discipline: 168/90

Tires: Racing Super Softs

Tuned By: Mark Stevenson

Brakes are perfect, a bit loose on the rear but its fairly planted non the less! Feel the LSD working in your favor as you can accelerate just a bit sooner delivering a quicker cornering-exit execution!

Adapting to the tune may require some skill, but you can bet, you’ll learn how she drives in no time!

Brought to us by Mike (PSN: Capt_Awesome14) at “Gran Turismo Sport: Tuning & Competitions“.

Car BMW M3 Sport Evolution ‘89
Drivetrain FR
Horsepower 394
Torque 41.1 kglm
Weight 1080 kg / 2380 lbs


Power Ratio % 168
Weight Reduction Ratio % 90
Traction Control 0


Front Rear Racing soft Racing soft

Brake Balance

Balance Front/Rear -1


Ride Height 4.9in/125mm 4.5in/115mm
Natural Frequency (Hz) 1.97 1.94
Anti-Roll Bars 8 8
Damping Compression (%) 63 62
Damping Rebound (%) 94 93
Negative Camber 1.6 1.4
Toe Angle Out 0.09 In 0.30


Downforce Level 0 0


Initial xx 20
Accel xx 10
Braking xx 23
Torque Split xx xx


First Final Gear: 3.500
Auto Set Speed: 168 mph
Slide 6th gear to the right: 0.937
New Final Gear: 3.651

1st 2.386 / 60
2nd 1.669 / 85
3rd 1.298 / 109
4th 1.069 / 133
5th 0.937 / 156
6th xx
7th xx
Final 3.651
Top Speed (Auto Set) 168 mph (270 kmph)