Gran Turismo Sport Server Status

Gran Turismo Sport is a ton of fun, but the main problem is it is virtually all online. That means if the Gran Turismo Sport servers are down you won’t be able to play. What sucks even more is you won’t know when they are down. Gran Turismo obviously wants their servers to be up and running at all times, but if they aren’t you will now be able to check below.

I have included a Twitter feed to everyone who is having problems with GT Sport servers. This will show others who are facing issues as well as the dates and times of the problem. Just make sure to pay attention to the date as this will list even previous problems. Also, you can directly check to see the Gran Turismo Sport Server StatusThis website will display all the Gran Turismo Servers at one, but is mostly GT Sport since it is the newest.

Remember to bookmark and share this page with others for the future. You never know when the servers may be down, and now you can check. You can also check this page before going to play the game to make sure they are up. If they aren’t you won’t waste your time turning everything on just to find out you can’t play.