Gran Turismo Sport 1.30 Update is Out Now

With Gran Turismo Sport we usually have large updates, like the last one, which had lots of new cars, a new track, and much more. However, there are also some smaller ones that mostly fix bugs. The latest 1.30 GT Sport patch is like that.

Only one minor change, but it is an important one. Players were complaining that their cars were not driving at the start of a race. This, obviously, is horrible if you want to win the race. However, it looks like Polyphony Digital has listened and corrected the issue. Let us know in the comments if you were having this problem before.

1.Sport Mode

– Corrected the issues below where the race start was not working properly in the Daily Races and Championships:

– At the time of race start, the players car that should be in motion is stopped and stuck at the start position. Sometimes this also shows the car jittering to the left and right.
– At the time of race start, the car starts from halfway through the track