1991 Acura NSX is coming to GT Sport

There have been lots of recent GT Sport updates that included new cars. However, it looks like that trend will not be slowing down anytime soon.

A glitch in the GT Sport system showed a Reddit user an interesting photo. The image was a mistake screen that shows all the cars being an Acura NSX ’91. It also shows a ton of Canadians, so brace yourself for a Canadian takeover lol. Considering that year NSX isn’t in the game yet, and the fact someone physically at GT Sport typed it in makes this pretty clear the car is coming to the game.

The old-school NSX was a very popular car in GT6. It was an amazing drift car, and an excellent 500pp monster. Definitely one of the most popular old Gran Turismo cars, and ashame it wasn’t in GT Sport. Hopefully, however, this recent glitch proves it will be arriving soon. I’m sure it will once again dominate the online races.

When this new car will arrive is still a mystery. We know that the creator of Gran Turismo, Kazunori Yamauchi, said 50 new cars would be added to GT Sport by March 2018. It is now February, so I would assume a new update should be here fairly soon.

The other question is will there only be an NSX coming to the next update? Probably not. The last update gave us the Toyota Supra, and the one before, the Mazda RX-7. Although GT Sport didn’t start out with that many cars they sure are adding back a ton of great ones. I just wonder what other amazing cars will be added next? Leave in the comments what cars you think, or would like to see in GT Sport.