SRT Tomahawk is going to be Insane!

The SRT Tomahawk VGT is almost amongst us. There will be three versions, each with more power. The lowest horsepower version the Tomahawk S still has an insane 792hp, the Tomahawk GTS has 1137hp, and finally the marvellous full race model with an insane 2168hp! They estimate the top version can reach 400mph (643km/h). All of these numbers are un-tuned as well. As we learned with the Redbull X1 once the suspension was adjusted properly etc it was possible to achieve much higher speeds.

On lookers from the event who saw the car in action said:

“When looking at the gameplay from behind the screen at the speed, it looks like watching a fast-forward video.”

The car is so fast an ordinary person can not just walk in and start driving it. It needs a full out G suit just like you would wear when flying in a jet plane. The suit is not just for the high speeds, but also because it produces an estimated, 11.5G material G on high speed corners, and 13.5G when braking from top speed! This is just next level unheard of numbers that is going to make it epic to drive. Even a typical F/A-18 Hornet can go about 9 Gs.

SRT Tomahawk G suit

I don’t know about any of you, but I can not wait to actually drive the car. I mainly drive all the super fast cars right now, but still have a little trouble keeping up with the X1. The SRT Tomahawk seems to be in the same class and will be just as difficult to drive. Usually they have seasonal events you have to beat to get the new Vision Gran Turismo car and I can not wait to see everyone else’s times.

Source: Pitstop Gran Turismo