Drive the GR Supra Racing Concept Today!

The latest Gran Turismo Sport patch 1.18 is out now. It brings a few smaller changes and a couple big ones. First, the new racing Supra, and the track, Dragon Trail Gardens, are now available. Also, a few changes to sport mode, GT League, and a couple new Scapes additions.

New Car

We first heard about the new racing Supra a few weeks ago, but today we can actually drive it! It is considered a GR.3 car and costs 450,000cr. Also, it has just under 600hp and weighs a little over 1200kg. This will have to tide us over until Toyota full unveils the standard new Supra.

New Track

The new track, Dragon Trail Gardens, is a brand new track added to the game. It is not huge, but is a fairly large track at 2.7 miles and has many twits and turns, but also a very long straight. With the new patch you will not only be able to race this track in a forward version , but also the reverse.

GT League

There is a few new offline GT League updates too. New French only cars are added to the Beginner League as well as Vision Gran Turismo series added to Professional  League. They even added a new Gr.B event for rally cars in Amateur League. Something for everyone with this one.


BMW fans will love this. They have added a few new BMW style locations. Also, an area of the Mauna Kea observatory in Hawaii. Can’t beat the looks of a bright coloured supercar in Hawaii.

Sport Mode

Each update they seem to make a few changes to the Sport Mode and today’s update is no different. For example, a driver who has been given a penalty, but hasn’t cleared it yet will have “PENALTY” next to their ID.

Furthermore, one cool thing is the addition of blue flags. Just like in real racing where they have marshals waving flags for various things, that will now happen with blue flags. The blue flags are for people who are about to be lapped. Definitely not a flag you want to see, but if someone is about to lap you a Marshal will be waving a blue flag to alert you. Also, you may see a blue flag waving if you are just super slow. Hopefully none of you ever see a blue flag, but if you do now you will know why.