Mercedes AMG GT GT3 ’12

This tune is for Nürburgring GP, but could be used on other tracks as well. Hot-Lap: 1:49.814. It brought to us by Mike at “Gran Turismo Sport: Tuning & Competitions“.

What can I say? This is definitely top 3! Well balanced tune for this particular track! Even though it seems like a nice flat track, its actually quite bumpy! When I ran this lap, I was shooting for When I crossed the line, I got confused, was I going for 1:52 and I was just really slow? So I watched the replay and to my amazement… the S.O.B. did 1:49.814 with plenty more room I’m sure!

The gears are set to top out at the end of the main straight! Very tall, low gears to minimize wheel slip while exiting corners! Very short, high gears to keep RPMs close to maximum horse power after 3rd gear!

If you feel the throttle is a bit sensitive, lower the LSD setting: initial torque… 1 point at a time until you find the throttle response matches your throttle application.

Have a great drive!

Car Mercedes AMG GT GT3 ’12
Drivetrain FR
Horsepower 693
Torque 596.6
Weight 1108 kg / 2423 lbs


Power Ratio % 113
Weight Reduction Ratio % 83
Traction Control 0


Front Rear Racing Soft Racing Soft

Brake Balance

Balance Front/Rear 0


Ride Height 2.44 in/ 61.98 mm 2.95 in / 74.93 mm
Natural Frequency (Hz) 2.98 2.97
Anti-Roll Bars 8 9
Damping Compression (%) 56 57
Damping Rebound (%) 86 88
Negative Camber 3.0 2.8
Toe Angle Out 0.10 In 0.10


Downforce Level 350 730


Initial xx 31
Accel xx 29
Braking xx 28
Torque Split xx xx


Set Final Gear to middle

Set Auto-Set to 174 mph

Slide 6th Gear all the way to the right

Set Final Gear to make 6th gear’s value to 180

Set gears working your way from 5th, to 1st… 2nd gear is set all the way to the left

1st 2.381 / 75
2nd 1.779 / 100
3rd 1.454 / 122
4th 1.247 / 143
5th 1.113 / 160
6th 1.014 / 180
Final 3.402
Top Speed (Auto Set) 174 mph (280 kmph)